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Solution for Kess V2 4.036 gray buttons and NXP banned

Problem one:

Mine KESS v2 4.036 there are eight tokens, but the program does not work... All buttons gray. I bought token resetter software, but it does not help. Each number is OK. Yesterday he worked, he wrote that there are only nine tokens then 8 tokens... Today it did not work.

Kess problem-01.jpg

Kess problem_2.jpg

Working solution: 

Install ksuite 2.07, you will be able to use the 8 token left.


New Problem:

Resetter I bought was a scam; I ended up putting NXP in banned state.

Kess problem_3.jpg

Kess problem_4.jpg

Working solution options:

1)4.037 is gone on, nxp is reseter will work...need exchange nxp. 

2)Senior tunner’s successful experience: I save many tools with V4.036 and grey section, and without change LPC.

3)Another tunner’s successful experience: I have delete folder ksuite 2.08, then format the card on kessv2 and rewrite the folder of car for ksuite 2.08, now the interface work ok.


Finally, I changed my NXP, updated, and my kess v2 works again...

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