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How to install opcom clone VAUX-COM 120309a on Win 7

China clone Op-com firmware 1.45 and 1.59 diagnostic intefaces software has updated to VAUX-COM 120309a suppoet Opel& Vauxhall from 1992 to 2012. New VAUX-COM 2012V software can be installed on Win 7. Here is the step-by-step software installation guide. 


Free download OPCOM VAUX-COM 120309a software & Video!ikU1yJ5C!m_uf736ecLNQRZ0EpqGFsH9yJEbRDp...


Software version: VAUX-COM 120309a

VAUX-COM 120309a-1.jpg

Operating system: Windows XP/Windows 7

Firmware: Opcom V1.45/V1/59 

Language: English 


VAUX-COM Win 7 install tips:

1) dotnetfx35_SP1 patch must be installed on Win 7 O/S. 

2) Run software as Administrator. 


Installation instruction on Win 7:

1.Install Software 

Open Computer 

Open VAUX-COM-120309a DVD/CD-RW Drive or open free software file

VAUX-COM 120309a-2.jpg

Open VAUX-COM-120309a software 

VAUX-COM 120309a-3.jpg

Accept license agreement 

VAUX-COM 120309a-4.jpg

Click “Install” to install software 

Installation progress, extracting file to C:/VAUX-COM-120309a+131223d file 


2. Install Driver 

Click “Extract” to extract FTDI CDM Drivers 

VAUX-COM 120309a-5.jpg

Connect op-com cable with computer, system will install driver automatically

VAUX-COM 120309a-6.jpg

Right click Computer>>Manage>>Device Manager>>Universal Serial Bus controllers>>USB Serial Converter to check if opcom driver is well installed  

VAUX-COM 120309a-7.jpg

3.Configure VAUX-COM

Right click VAUX-COM120309A+131223d GB software on desktop, select “Run as Administrator”

VAUX-COM 120309a-8.jpg

Loader has been installed into target 

Open VAUX-COM 2012V software 

Click “Settings” option 

VAUX-COM 120309a-9.jpg

Select Interface type: VAUX-COM Revision B, B+

Then click “Test Interface” button 

VAUX-COM 120309a-10.jpg

Then software will display firmware version, interface test ended successfully 

Press “Save Config” to save settings 

Press “OK”

VAUX-COM 120309a-11.jpg

4.Diagnose with OCPOM 

Connect Opcom interface with vehicle 

Back to VAUX-COM main menu 

Select “Diagnostics”

Select “Automatic Vehicle Identification”

VAUX-COM 120309a-12.jpg

Select “KWP-2000” and diagnostic connector

Open will auto detect and display vehicle information 

VAUX-COM 120309a-13.jpg

Start to diagnose your vehicle.

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