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Opinions on BMW ICOM vs. BMW K+D CAN scan tool

This post collects some piece of opinions from experienced technicians on BMW ICOM and BMW K+D CAN scan tool, hope it helps.


Opinion1: A DCAN lead can do most things, but the ICOM is better with ISTA/D or ISTA/P


Those programs expect an ICOM unit, with the optical connector.


Most of the jobs can be done one by one with a Dcan lead, but ICOM is handier if you come across different cars.


With an ICOM and ISTA/D for example, you can plug into anything from an 8 series to an i8 and it will do everything automatically.

DCAN leads might need to be set up in K line, CAN mode, and wouldn't work on older cars that need an ADS interface.


Opinion 2. One of the real differences is that with a K+D Can cable access to some 663 (professional) radio modules is not possible whereas with ICOM can always communicate to this module. You'll encounter this problem using NCS Expert.


Opinion 3. Unless you are working on a lot of different BMW's professionally, ICOM is a waste of money. a $20 K+Dcan cable will do everything you need to do on a 2007 328....


Opinion 4. Icom is more reliable for flashing modules too. Less chance of getting a security access error


How to install opcom clone VAUX-COM 120309a on Win 7

China clone Op-com firmware 1.45 and 1.59 diagnostic intefaces software has updated to VAUX-COM 120309a suppoet Opel& Vauxhall from 1992 to 2012. New VAUX-COM 2012V software can be installed on Win 7. Here is the step-by-step software installation guide. 


Free download OPCOM VAUX-COM 120309a software & Video!ikU1yJ5C!m_uf736ecLNQRZ0EpqGFsH9yJEbRDp...


Software version: VAUX-COM 120309a

VAUX-COM 120309a-1.jpg

Operating system: Windows XP/Windows 7

Firmware: Opcom V1.45/V1/59 

Language: English 


VAUX-COM Win 7 install tips:

1) dotnetfx35_SP1 patch must be installed on Win 7 O/S. 

2) Run software as Administrator. 


Installation instruction on Win 7:

1.Install Software 

Open Computer 

Open VAUX-COM-120309a DVD/CD-RW Drive or open free software file

VAUX-COM 120309a-2.jpg

Open VAUX-COM-120309a software 

VAUX-COM 120309a-3.jpg

Accept license agreement 

VAUX-COM 120309a-4.jpg

Click “Install” to install software 

Installation progress, extracting file to C:/VAUX-COM-120309a+131223d file 


2. Install Driver 

Click “Extract” to extract FTDI CDM Drivers 

VAUX-COM 120309a-5.jpg

Connect op-com cable with computer, system will install driver automatically

VAUX-COM 120309a-6.jpg

Right click Computer>>Manage>>Device Manager>>Universal Serial Bus controllers>>USB Serial Converter to check if opcom driver is well installed  

VAUX-COM 120309a-7.jpg

3.Configure VAUX-COM

Right click VAUX-COM120309A+131223d GB software on desktop, select “Run as Administrator”

VAUX-COM 120309a-8.jpg

Loader has been installed into target 

Open VAUX-COM 2012V software 

Click “Settings” option 

VAUX-COM 120309a-9.jpg

Select Interface type: VAUX-COM Revision B, B+

Then click “Test Interface” button 

VAUX-COM 120309a-10.jpg

Then software will display firmware version, interface test ended successfully 

Press “Save Config” to save settings 

Press “OK”

VAUX-COM 120309a-11.jpg

4.Diagnose with OCPOM 

Connect Opcom interface with vehicle 

Back to VAUX-COM main menu 

Select “Diagnostics”

Select “Automatic Vehicle Identification”

VAUX-COM 120309a-12.jpg

Select “KWP-2000” and diagnostic connector

Open will auto detect and display vehicle information 

VAUX-COM 120309a-13.jpg

Start to diagnose your vehicle.


Procedure:using BMW Rheingold ISTA with USB K+D-CAN cable

This post is about how to use BMW Rheingold ISTA with USB K+D-CAN cable, considering USB K+D-CAN cable is much cheaper then BMW ICOM, it is cheap investment.


Tools to need:

BMW Rheingold ISTA

USB K+D-CAN cable


Step-by-step instruction:

1. Plug your K+D-CAN cable and install drivers. For FTDI based cables use latest drivers.

2. Open "Device Manager", then USB Serial Port properties, go to "Port Settings" tab and click "Advanced…". Change Port Number to "COM9" and latency timer to "1". Confirm configuration via "OK" button.



3. Open C:EDIABASBINEDIABAS.INI with Notepad and check for "Interface=STD:OBD". In TCP settings set "Port=6801".



4. Open C:EDIABASBINOBD.IN with Notepad and check for "Port=Com9".


5. Connect car with K+D-CAN cable to PC.

6. Now run BMW Rheingold ISTA using shortcut in start menu and wait until it boots, then press settings button.


7. Select "VCI Config" tab and "Ediabas standard settings(ediabas.ini)", then "OK".


8. Go "Operation", then "Read out vehicle Data" and " Complete Identification".




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