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How to solve BMW ICOM ISTA P cannot start error

BMW ICOM software includes Ista/p, Ista/d and Inpa three parts. Ista/p used for programming, Ista/d is used for diagnose.


Q: I now have issue with bmw icom HDD

Ista/p fails to start   (   Won’t run..

Ista/d is ok.  Working

Inpa is ok.   Working

How to fix this

A: After we log in the customer PC via Teamviwer, we fix this problem by this route:


C:Program Files (x86)BMWISPITRICISTATesterGUIbinReleaseISTAGUI.exe.comfig

change ISTAGUI.exe.config


change TaurusClient.exe

After done, Ista/p works normally


More information:


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