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V2016.3 MB SD C4 Newest Software Support Win 7/Win8 Released

V2016.3 MB SD C4 Connect Compact Software HDD With DELL D630 /External Format 500GB Supports WIN7/ WIN8,Works with MB SD Connect Compact C4, support latest Mercedes Benz car and truck models.

Software languages:
Chinese,English,Croatian,Czech,Danish,Dutch,Finish,French,German,Greek,Hungarian,Italian, Japanese,Korean,Polish,Portuguese,Romanian,Russian,Spanish,Swedish,Turkish

V2016.3 MB SD C4 Software FUNCTIONS:
1. 1989~up to now Car, Bus, Truck, Sprint, Smart
2. All electric system Diagnostic;(Do not include flash code)
3. reading trouble code
4. erasing trouble code
5. live-data
6. adaptation
7. component testing
8. maintenance
9. information consultation
10. component location diagram
11. wiring diagram

2016.3 MB SD C4 Software display:





Free Download 2016.3 MB Star SD C4 Activate Manual for reference.

How to activate 2016.3 mb star c3 c4 sd c4 software on win7

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