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Honda HIM HDS v3.101.015 software installation and download

Here comes the latest Honda diagnostic system HDS v3.101.015 software installation and Free download.

Free download:
HDS 3.101.015 – unkown security!iRQWRIba!DgkpsajZCMYcd7_0OIjJqvwM9XEIXByHtU49wmE_Ipw
PASS: not given to the rude person

HDS V3.017 – safe & activated

HDS 3.101.015 is being tested by obd2express engineers, so you will TRY ON YOUR OWN RISK.

If you don’t want to take a risk, you can try HDS 3.017 above – teated by engineers and thouthands of users.

How to setup Honda HDS HIM V3.101 on Windows 7 32bit

Operating system: Windows 7 32-bit

Language: English

Compatible device: Chinese Honda HDS HIM diagnostic tool

Main steps:
Step 1 – Install HDS
Step 2 – add info to registry
Step 3 – install TizWaz installer
Step 4 – install CM Update (ECU Rewrite) 6.27
Step 5 – run HDS 3.101.015 to test INSIGHT 2010

Installation Video guide:

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