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2017.3 SD connect c4 software Xentry Das: Tested OK

2017.03 SDconnect C4 software (XENTRY/DAS) is verified to work with the sd c4 diagnostic tool without issues. Here is the test report of it.
This is the working mercedes software 2017.03
Two format HDD for choose:
– internal HDD: only fit D630 laptop but running speed faster
– external HDD: support any laptop with USB 2.0
System: Windows 7 32bit
Laptop Requirements:
64-bit Intel Core 2 Duo Processor or equivalent,
2.2GHz or faster core speed
4GB RAM minimum
Work With:
SD Connect C4 Mercedes diagnostic tool from
Note: there are many versions of sdconnect china clone; please check the PCB design and make sure your mux is working with the software before you wanna purchase the software.
Customer service at

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