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How to update VCM2 firmware & Ford IDS software v101

This is how to update VCM2 firmware & Ford IDS software to the newest version IDS V101.


Part 1: How to update Ford IDS software to the newest ver. V101?




Step 1.install VMware

Step 2. install Windows XP Professional and VMware Tools

Step 3. reset date and time on on VMware

Step 4. install Calibration

Step 5. install ids-v91.01_full

Step 6. check if IDS-91.01 is successfully installed or not

Step 7. install Ford-IDS-V100.01-full

Step 8. install VCMII Driver

Step 9. Install the software for USB Serial Converter

Step 10. Install the software for USB Serial Port

Step 11. diagnosis with IDS 100.01


It usually takes 1-2 hour(s) on a computer with high configuration.

And kind of uneasy to install vcm2 software


You can use VMware with IDS V101 like SP239 or SP239-B; NO need install IDS yourself

With VCM2 clone units like Ford IDS V101 (SP177) and IDS v100 (SP177-C, SP177-C1, SP177-C2), you need install IDS software on your own




Every time IDS software complete, please go to update vcm2 firmware.


Part 2: How to update VCM2 firmware china clone?

Step 1. Press the power button on VCM2 scan tool main unit

Step 2. Long-press on the power button, connect VCM2 with power supply, wait for all 4 indicators turn on, then release the button

Step 3. connect VCM2 with computer via USB cable

Step 4. Run IDS software, software will prompt to update firmware

Step 5. Wait until the update procedure is done

Step 6. Restart computer when firmware update is completed

Step 7. Connect VCM2 kit with vehicle to start diagnosing or programming




The final tip- install the firmware in recovery mode using Ford_VCM_II_Software_Setup_v2.1.119.3?


If you have wifi vcm2 clone and want to keep it, use the version you used Ford_VCM_II_Software_Setup_v2.1.119.3; if you have good quality vcm 2 none wifi version you can use v2.1.119.13 or you can use this version if you have wifi and don't bother about it .

to be honest , I did not see much change in ETAS version to version from v2.1.119.3 except only to try and block clones..

When you install the version 96.01, you need to go to the Program files, ford motor company , IDS, Runtime , Install 3rd party

you can delete the etas folder and start your update, then wait for the etas folder to appear during install and delete it again

you will see an error about missing ETAS Folder and it will ask you to install vcmII Software at the end , just click red x in top right corner and reboot computer . or you can just goto programs and setting in control and uninstall the last version v2.1.119.19 and reinstall your version v2.1.119.3

the simple and most east way to keep the 3 day license, is when you installed IDS and got the three days, remember date and time, every time you boot computer go to bios and make that date and boot computer.



Credits to TizWaz from the MH community


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