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BMW X3 E83 Steering Angle Learning by Launch X431V pro

 Post Topic: step – by -step procedure on how to do bmw x3 e83 steering angle learning with Launch x431 v diagnostic tablet.


Tools to prepare:Launch X431 pro 


Launch X431 pro function:


After the replacement of steering angle sensor, it is necessary to encode the steering angle sensor, then adjust it.

Launch X431 pro



Operation procedure:

Select Manually select-> x series-> x3_e83-> chassis

launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (1)


Enter ABS (anti-lock brake system-dsc) system

launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (2)


Select Special function

launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (3)



launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (4)


Select Steering angle learning

launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (5)


The steering angle must be calibrated as reference

launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (6)


After successful calibration, it prompts the info as below

launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (7)


The end of test module

launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (8)



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