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A lot of software can work with Ford VCM II

This Ford VCMII can works with:

Ford IDS

Mazda IDS

Suzuki SDT 2


Toyota Techstream

Nissan Consult 3+

Honda HDS


This is about Ford VCM 2 software compatibility.


And also with any other software that support Passthru J2534 devices

Why is not working the Mazda IDS for you is that you need to do some tricks to make it works

Maybe will be someone such a kind to tell you how to do it.

All that its shared in public it will be easy KILL it

So you need to make your tools seen by the Mazda IDS Manager and then you can use your Ford VCM 2 with Mazda IDS

Good luck


Credits to mattydr67 who contributed to this thread !




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