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How to use Easy Key Maker Honda key programmer via OBD?

Easy Key Maker Honda key programmer is available to program and learn key via OBD, it covers almost all Honda /Acura cars (1999 -2022) with OBDII -16pin port. Do you know how to use it? This post share the operation instructions.


  1. This is Honda OBDII port.


  1. This is EasyKeyMaker with 16pin port.




  1. Prepare one new keys (The left one is original)


4.Use the original key to turn on ignition, you have to confirm it is working.


  1. InsertEasyKeyMaker into the 16pin port.



Continue to operate by following the bellow instructions:


1). For transponder key.

  1. Switch to "IMMO", and prepare all keys to register.
  2. Turn ignition ON to position II(Instrument panel light on but engine OFF), connectprogrammerto OBDII socket
  3. The buzzer periodically short beep with "Di", Turn ignition OFF.
  4. The buzzer periodically short beep with "Di, Di, Di", turnignitionon without changing key.
  5. The buzzer longbeeponce "Di---", key registration begins.
  6. The buzzer periodically short beep with "Di", Turn ignition OFF.
  7. The buzzer periodically short beep with "Di, Di", Change another key and turn ignition ON
  8. Repeat step F,G, register more up to 6 keys.
  9. Forlastkey: First turn ignition ON/OFF following above instructions. When the buzzer periodically short beep with "Di Di", turn on ignition WITHOUT changing key. Then the buzzer periodically short beep with "Di", DO NOT turn off ignition and keep ignition on for more than 20 seconds.
  10. The buzzer long beep once "Di---", key registration finished.
  11. The buzzer periodically long beep with "Di---", start to learn


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OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS vs. Lonsdor K518ISE Key programmer

OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS vs. Lonsdor K518ISE

Software Function Item OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS Lonsdor K518ISE
Immobilizer system Key/Remote programming Yes Yes
Key Renew Yes  
Odometer Correction VW Yes Yes
Porsche Yes Yes
Jaguar Yes Yes
Land rover Yes Yes
Mazda Yes Yes
Audi Yes Yes
Renault Yes Yes
Hummer Yes Yes
Hyundai Yes Yes
Kia Yes Yes
Besturn Yes Yes
Skoda Yes  
Seat Yes  
Benz Yes  
Bentley Yes  
Lincoln Yes  
Chrysler Yes  
GM Yes  
Infiniti Yes  
Mitsubishi Yes  
Nissan Yes  
Ssangyong Yes  
Subaru Yes  
Suzuki Yes  
GreatWall Yes  
Geely Yes  
Fiat Yes  
Citroen Yes  
MG Yes  
Rowe Yes  
Baoteng Yes  
Peugeot Yes  
Opel Yes  
Volvo Yes  
Smart Yes  
Alfa Romeo Yes  
Ferrari Yes  
Diagnostic Full system diagnostic Yes  
Special Functions Service reset Yes  
Manual remote control Yes  
ABS bleeding Yes  
Battery matching Yes  
ECU programming Yes  
EPB Yes  
Throttle programming Yes  
Airbag reset Yes  
TPMS reset Yes  
Steering angle reset Yes  
DPF Regen Yes  
Injector coding Yes  
Suspension Yes  
Gear learning Yes  
CVT learning Yes  
Steering angle repair Yes  
ECU Clone Yes  
Switch activation Yes  
Hardware Test Frequency/
Remote Tester
Induction coil Yes  
F001 host Yes  
C001 circuit board Yes  
C002 circuit board Yes  
W001 data cable Yes  
W002 data cable Yes  
W003 data cable Yes  
Toyota smart key emulators Yes Yes



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GM Tech2 clone Automated Bleed 2006 C6 Feedback

I just checked my Tech II clone against my 2006 C6. In the ABS section there is an “Automated Bleed” option. In the Radio section there is a “VIN Relearn” option. I’ve never actually used either one, but I bet they work.

The clones are literally running the same software as the Tech II, so they have all the same functions. There are a few caveats: the standard clone power supply will cause the unit to reset if you run the starter motor, apparently, though this can be fixed. Also, operating while tethered to a PC involves a bunch of licensing hacks and other nonsense. But you only need to do that if you want to flash the ECU firmware.

The Tech II lets you see (and individually reset) all the DTCs from all the modules. It also has a bunch of special functions and bidirectional capabilities.

It’s great as a standalone diagnostics tool but it isn’t intended to modify ECU parameters like tuning software does. This is a tool for fixing the car, not modifying it.




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