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VXSCAN S1 DIY EOBD OBD2 Code Scanner Customer Feedback

 VXSCAN S1 DIY EOBD OBD2 Code Scanner  top 6 benefits of customer feedback:

  1. Fast and quick access
  2. User friendly
  3. Cheap & Updateable
  4. Multi-language to choose
  5. Full vehicle compatibilities
  6. 1 year warranty

1,Fast and quick access

Function is always the most concerned element of any OBDII scanners. The VXSCAN S1 OBD2 scan tool comes with NO Bluetooth or WIFI connection, but the USB communication runs faster than wireless connection. It is possible to retrieve vehicle information (VIN) by a simple plug and then troubleshooting your car. The VXSCAN S1 Code reader will immediately determines the cause of the “Check Engine Light (MIL)” and reset codes/monitors. Beside, you are able to view freeze frame data, I/M readiness status etc directly from the digital screen.

VXSCAN S1 DIY EOBD OBD2 Code Scanner screen


VXSCAN S1 DIY EOBD OBD2 Code Scanner screen



2,User friendly

The size of this OBD2 Scanner is very unique. It is light in weight and compact in size. The VXSCAN S1 scanner is designed with simple button operation. No software and No pc are required. It can be easily operated and handled, and troubleshot cars via just plug-and-play. There are no complications in using this program. One can easily learn to use this program with user manual instructions in few minutes.


VXSCAN S1 code reader now is now available in This OBD Scan tool is a very cost-effective product and shall never let you down. So you should not be waiting, it is time now to act smartly. The scanner can be free upgraded on official website.


Unlike cheap ELM327 Bluetooth/WIFI OBD2 scanner and many others which has only English, the VXSCAN is a very helpful product and displays the meanings of manufacturers’ specifications and generic language. You are free to choose English, Spanish and French.

5,Full vehicle compatibilities

The best part of this product is that it properly supports all the protocols of OBD. It can also be used with those vehicles which are EOBD amenable. It covers all 1996 and later OBDII/EOBD compliant US, European and Asian vehicles of CAN BUS, K-Line ISO9141, KWP 5BAUD INIT, KWP ADDR INT, KWP FAST INIT, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW complaints.

Only for cars, no trucks.

6,One year warranty

If the cheap code reader is damaged or broken on passage, return it back and get the refund.



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