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AUZONE Pro-Sensor TPMS sensor Vs original Sensor: more user-friendly

 AUZONE pro-sensor

AUZONE Pro-Sensor ,It adopts FREECALE chip and automotive-grade components, with the features of high precision, high stability, high reliability and so on. It can do wireless programming and activation, and can be a perfect alternative to the original sensor.and Better than AUTEL MX-Sensor,price is more cheaper than autel,very Cost-effective!



 AUZONE pro-sensor




Here we share original sensor VS AUZONE Pro-Sensor:

  1. Applicable vehicles

The original Sensor can’t be programmed, can only be used on a few vehicles alone; AUZONE Pro-Sensor can do wireless programming based on customers’ needs.


  1. Inventory requirements:

The original sensor should be prepared for different vehicles, which results in high inventory pressure; Our sensor can be applied to most vehicles, so that inventory pressure is less.


  1. Applicable wheels:

The installation angle of the original sensor can’t be adjusted, only applicable to the specified size of the wheels; Our sensor angle can be adjusted to suit more wheels.


In a word,AUZONE Pro-Sensor TPMS sensor is  more user-friendly



Pro-Sensor Parameter

Operating temperature

Pressure range

Waterproof rating

Transmitting power

Transmitting power

Weight : 25g (With valve cock)


AUZONE Pro-Sensor Features:

  1. To replace the original sensor by duplicating ID, and the vehicle does not need to relearn the new ID.
  2. The angle is adjustable to suit more wheels.

3.To adapt to various complex environments, such as high-speed, high & low temperature, humidity, acid & alkaline, salt spray, etc.

4.Compatible with most of the vehicles in the market, save inventory costs, and avoid the troubles due to the lack of original parts.




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