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How To Solve Auro otosys IM600 Hareware Version Too Low

Q:I have an Auro otosys IM600 and I want to read a cas4 module from bmw and at the time of reading I get a legend that says CONTACT YOUR DEALER BECAUSE THE HARDWARE VERSION OF THE PROGRAMMER IS TOO LOW. The newest upgrade says it will write BMW CAS4 (check Auro new upgrade content in the end)

Auro otosys IM600 hardware version too low


Hi, the new upgrade requires higher version UP400, you can send the up400 to where you bought the equipment to be updated in hardware. Then it will compatible with new features.

Don’t forget to provide your Auro serial number, including, IM600/IM100 tablet, J2534 box and UP200/UP400 programmer. You can find S/N on the back of the main host.




Any further questions please feel free to contact us.


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