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OBD2Eshop is a good store for GM Tech2 Scanner

This was my order of GM Tech2 Diagnostic Scanner with TIS2000 Software:

Order Date: Aug 26, 2018

Ship to: United States

This is how GM Tech2 looks out of the box:


GM Tech2 Scanner


Turned on:

GM Tech2 Scanner



The following 3 paragraphs are what I mail to OBD2Eshop:

I tested device and it works well. Problem is the screen. I believe for return I would have to send back and pay for shipping. This would take a long time and I have work to do using the tool.

gm tech  2 screen

Right now I am using a laptop connected so I can see the full screen


I would rather do partial refund or try replacing the screen myself.

Will you do a partial refund?

Can you send or help me find a replacement screen?

I have been happy so far with OBD2eShop so far. The price, service and shipping speed was good.

I hope we can reach a positive solution.


Finally, OBD2eShop ship me a new package.

Just want to let you know, I finally took the time to really test out the replacement I was sent and it appears to work perfectly.


One small issue is that I was sent a GM PC Card and not a Saab one. I tried to write the GM Card in my laptop to Saab software but I ended up damaging the card. It was my fault. I know that I could have contacted you for help and you would have taken care of me.


I was able to find another Saab Card and get it working so I am very happy now. I do not need any more help.


Thank you so much for your above and beyond service. I think very highly of your store.

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