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Xtool A80 GM diagnostic & service reset tool function list (Up to 2019 GM)

Xtool A80 is perfectly for both GM OBD diagnosis and service reset on a wide range of GM models from 1996 -2019.


This is Xtool A80 full package including all adapter:


Source: url


Xtool A80 GM diagnostic & service reset tool function list V10.80!dEAxBYwR!8T-hiG7zJN2DvDtCOmeZus3Be0A3tJ...

Uploaded by Xtool Company authorized dealer


Xtool A80 GM Coverage:

Almost all GM car models from 1996 -2019


Xtool A80 GM diagnostic functions:

Read trouble codes ...Confirmed✔

Erase trouble codes ...Confirmed✔

Version Information ...Confirmed✔

Read DataStream  ...Confirmed✔

Activation test  ...Confirmed✔



Xtool A80 GM special functions:




How to update Xtool A80?

one-click update: just open the A80 app and click Upgrade instead of updating a card.



How to activate Xtool A80?

In order not to affect the using and upgrading of newly released Opel diagnostic software, please be sure to activate Xtool A80.



Xtool A80 Activation guide:

  1. Turn on the A80 BT host, enter the tablet setting function to enable the WLAN function, and connect to the wireless network. Click the A80 BT Diagnostics icon to activate the page: 1. Enter the activation code on the certificate.


  1. Enter the six digits after the S/N code on the certificate


  1. Enter a user name, such as A repair shop.


4, please enter the correct format of the mailbox account.


5 and 6, please enter a consistent custom password in the two columns. After clicking the activation, you will be prompted to verify the mobile number. Please enter the mobile number, receive the SMS verification code, and enter the verification code in A80 BT.


Note: In order to improve A80 BT, every time period, Xtool will update A80 BT, pop up the update box directly on the diagnosis interface, click to install.


How many language does Xtool A80 have?

English as default.


All language available: English, Spanish, Italian, Malaysian (Submit the serial number to the dealer for reset)



Xtool A80 is perfectly for all old & new GM diagnosis and service reset, it is better than GM TECH in these two aspects.






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Toyota Techstream V14.00.018 free download: No pass, no activation

Toyota Techstream V14.00.018 download free on mega (No pass & no activation), compatible with Toyota Lexus 2019 year.


Toyota Techstream V14.00.018 free download:



(Guide: run Toyota Launcher.exe to start software, Support 13.30.018, 14.00.018. No need send ID to the dealer to give you the key)

–  Install both

–  Date: 02/2019

–  Password: Not required

–  Activation: install Patch and no need

– Security: Yes, tested by engineer



– Mini VCI J2534 cable: in testing

– Mangoose VCI For Toyota: in testing




Image 1: Toyota Techstream V14.00.018 menu




Image 2: VXDIAG VCX NANO for TOYOTA cable




Image 3: Mini VCI J2534 cable

mangoose VCI-04


Image 4: Mangoose VCI For Toyota (Support DLC3 Diagnostic Trouble Codes)


For release notes and installation, I’ll update soon.


Toyota Techstream V14.00.018 tech support is offered by

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Foxwell NT650 Automative Diagnostic Tool,Any Good?

Look here:

Q: Does the NT650 really work as a scantool, or is it just a code reading device?

A:Yes, it works as a professional scan tool. Not only basic but advanced functions such as ABS/SRS, DPF, TPMS… NT650 also performs bi-directional tests for various modules. If it is compatible with your car, you can definitely give it a go!

Foxwell NT650 any good? what is the Foxwell nt650?

foxwell nt650

Foxwell NT650 is a new model which provide for workshops, technicians and enthusiasts alike affordable professional diagnostic solutions and more special functions, especially DPF, TBA/TPS, and battery configuration, it stands out in a variety of similar tools by delivering wider coverage of vehicles, more accurate diagnosis, more reliable performance and better user experience.


If you happen to be looking for an OBD2 scanner that provides you with all the basic services and wide coverage of cars, this could be the affordable service tool you have been looking for.

Foxwell NT650 Service Tool vs. Other similar scanners:

What FOXWELL NT650 can do?


First and foremost, Foxwell NT650 supports the most commonly used services and maintenance.

With 13 kinds of reset functions, this device can help you find the exact problem in your vehicle.

Some of these functions include reading and clearing DTC codes, oil reset, battery rest, airbag reset and many more.

However, it should be noted, that not every function is compatible with every vehicle make and model.

With that in mind, the two special features of auto-lock brake reset (ABS) and airbag crash data reset (SRS) are both available for 58 makes and models.

That being said, some of the special features include:

EPB-brake reset

You can do your own servicing and maintenance of your vehicles electronic brakes, including setting brakes after replacement, as well as activation and deactivation of the brake control system.

In the event of bleeding brake fluid or opening and closing brake pads, this tool can help diagnose any EPB related issue.

Battery replacement

The Foxwell NT650 has the ability to validate your new battery after you replace it.

Additionally, this diagnostic tool can clear old fault codes and display current battery details and information from your vehicle.

Diesel Particulate filter reset

If you drive a diesel vehicle, this function can capture and store exhaust soot, and help reduce emissions from diesel engines.

Noteworthy, this feature is not suitable for all vehicle, but it does cover 33 types of vehicle makes.

Steering Angle Sensor Calibration

In order to do a performance calibration of the steering wheel sensor, you can use the SAS functions of the OBD2 scanner.

You are also able to store permanent and current information as well as clear fault memory data.

Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset

Every time you inflate, change or rotate the tires on your vehicle, with the TPMS function you can program the new sensor IDs into your vehicle’s system.

Internet Access and Updates

With internet capabilities and lifelong free updates, the Foxwell NT650 gives you access to the latest bug fixes, new vehicles.

Simply remove the SD card from the device and insert it into your computer, with the Foxwell computer application, you can easily sync the latest software to your device.

Some additional Functions include:

  • Oil Reset
  • Battery Management Service
  • Transmission Function
  • Injector Coding (limited makes and models)

Foxwell NT650 FUNCTION


Foxwell NT650 OBD2 Scanner Languages:

The device only can include 2 language , one is English , the other one you can choose from the following

Korea, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Thai, Hungarian, Swedish, English, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, Russian, German


Foxwell NT650 Scan Tool Car Maker Coverage List:

Asian (2003 to 2016 ) ,European (2001-2016 ) ,America (2000-2016)  ,Chinese (2009-2016)Note: Different function with different testable vehicles,year. pls check below.

If you don't sure about it, please do feel free to contact us.Please Leave us message in below format, we will reply you on working time.

for example : xx, 2005, 2.0cc, Diesel,VIN Number:xxxxxxxxxxxxx, Function:ABS,dpf xxxxxx.


for AU Ford , for Acura, for Dawoo,for Honda ,for Holden ,for Hyundai ,for isuzu ,for Infiniti ,for KIA ,for Lexus ,for Mazda ,for Mitsubishi ,for Nissan ,for Perodua ,for Proton ,for SsangYong ,for Scion ,for Subaru ,for Suzuki ,for Toyota ;for Audi ,for Abarth ,for Alfa ,for AstonMartin ,for BMW ,for Bentley ,for Bugatti ,for Citroen ,for Dacia ,for Eu Ford ,for Ferrari ,for Fiat ,for jaguar ,for Lamborghini ,for LANCIA ,for Landrover ,for Mercedes-Benz ,for MINI ,for Maserati ,for Maybach,for Opel ,for Peugeot ,for Porsche ,for Renault ,for SAAB ,for Smart ,for Seat ,for Skoda ,for Sprinter ,for vw ,for VW_cv,for Vauxhall ,for Volvo ;for Chrysler ,for Ford ,for GM

Oil Light Service Reset

for Chrysler ,for Ford ,for Fiat ,for GM ,for Acura ,for Honda ,for Hyundai ,for Infiniti ,for Isuzu ,for KIA ,for Lexus ,for Mazda ,for Mitsubishi ,for Nissan ,for Scion ,for Suzuki ,for Toyota ,for Abarth ,for Alfa Romeo,for Audi ,for Bugatti,for BMW ,for Bentley ,for Citroen ,for Fiat ,for Jaguar ,for LANCIA ,for Landrover ,for Mercedes-Benz ,for MINI ,for Opel ,for Peugeot ,for Porsche ,for Renault ,for Rolls-Royce,for SAAB ,for Seat ,for Skoda ,for Smart ,for Sprinter ,for Vauxhall ,for Volkswagen ,for Volvo ,for AstonMartin ,for Dacia ,for Ferrari ,for Holden ,for Maserati ,for Subaru


for Acura ,for Audi ,for Bentley ,for Citroen ,for EU Ford ,for Ford ,for GM ,for Honda ,for Hyundai ,for Jaguar ,for KIA ,for Landrover ,for Lexus ,for Maybach, for Mercedes-Benz ,for MINI,for Opel ,for Peugeot ,for Porsche ,for Roewe ,for Renault ,for SAAB ,for Scion ,for Skoda ,for Toyota ,for Vauxhall ,for Volkswagen ,for Volvo ,for Abarth ,for Alfa Romeo ,for Chrysler ,for Daewoo ,for Fiat ,for Ferrari ,for Luxgen ,for Maserati ,for Rolls-Roye,for Subaru ,for Seat

BRT(Battery Replacement )

for Audi ,for BMW, for Citroen ,for Peugeot ,for Seat ,for Skoda ,for Volvo ,for VW ,for Ford ,for Infiniti ,for jaguar ,for Landrover ,for Lexus ,for Mini ,for Mitsubishi ,for Nissan ,for Holden ,for Hyundai ,for Mazda ,for Opel ,for Porsche ,for Renault ,for Toyota


for Acura ,for Audi ,for BYD,for BMW,for Brilliance ,for Chery ,for Citroen ,for Daewoo ,for Ford ,for Geely ,for GM ,for Grea-Wall,for Honda ,for Hyundai ,for Infiniti ,for JAC, for KIA ,for Landrover ,for Lexus ,for Lincoln ,for Mitsubishi ,for Nissan ,for Opel ,for Peugeot ,for Porsche ,for SAAB ,for Seat ,for Skoda ,for Toyota ,for VW


for YQ toyota,for DF Nissan ,for YQ Mazda ,for Changan Ford ,for SH VW,for YQ VW, for HC BMW,for DF Yueda,for Great wall ,for Haima for Fawcar ,for Geely ,for Xinxianag ,for DFPV, for DFFX, for JAC, for BJXD,for BYD

for Acura ,for daihatsu,for Daewoo ,for Honda ,for Hyundai ,for Infiniti ,for KIA ,for Lexus ,for Mazda ,for Mitsubishi ,for Nissan ,for Subaru ,for Toyota ,for Audi ,for BMW, for Citroen ,for Dacia ,for Ferrari ,for Jaguar ,for Landrover ,for LANCIA ,for Maserati ,for Maybach ,for Mercedes-Benz ,for mini ,for Opel ,for Peugeot ,for Porsche ,for Renault ,for Romeo ,for Scion ,for Seat ,for Skoda ,for Vauxhall ,for Volvo ,for VW,for Chrysler ,for Ford ,for GM


for Mitsubishi ,for Nissan ,for Toyota

GEAR Learn 

for Delphi-EOBD,for GM


for Audi,for BMW, for Chrysler, for Citroen, for Daewoo, for Fiat, for GM, for Holden, for Honda, for Hyundai, for Infiniti, for Jaguar, for KIA, for LandRover, for LANCIA, for Lexus ,for Maserati, for Mazda, for Mercedes-Benz, for Mini, for Mitsubishi, for Nissan, for Opel, for Peugeot, for Porsche, for Scion, for Seat, for Skoda, for Subaru, for Toyota, for Vauxhall, for Volvo, for VW

TPMS Adaptation 

for Acura, for Audi, for Benz, for BMW, for Chrysler, for Citroen, for Ferrari, for Fiat, for Ford, for Holden, for Hyundai, for Infiniti, for Jaguar, for KIA, for LANCIA, for landrover, for Lexus ,for Maserati, for Mazda, for MINI, for Mitsubishi, for Nissan, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Scion, Seat, Skoda, Subaru, Toyota, Volvo, VW

TPMS Reset 

for AUDI, for Benz, for BMW, for Ford, for GM, for Honda, for KIA, for Lexus, for Nissan, for Porsche, for Toyota, for VW


for Acura,for Audi, for BMW, for Chrysler, for Citroen, for Fiat, for Ford, for GM, for Honda, for Hyundai, for Infiniti, for Jaguar, for KIA, for LANCIA, for LandRover, for Mercedes-Benz ,for MINI, for Mitsubishi, for Nissan, for Opel, for Peugeot, for Porsche, for Renault, for Romeo, for Scion, for Seat, for Skoda, for Smart, for Sprinter, for Subaru, for Toyota, for Volvo, for VW


for Infiniti ,for Nissan ,for Opel ,for Vauxhall


BTW, NT650 is lifetime free update

With Internet access,you will always have the latest bug fixes,new vehicles,newly added parameters and functionality at your fingertips.And they are free forever

Upgrade guidence steps:


1. Go to the Foxwell official website:Choose your product ,Under the page,click the Download,then download FoxScanner update clients software.

2. Register foxwell account and complete the related information at FoxScanner client software .

3. Plug SD memery card into card reaqder and connect with your Windows laptop or PC.

4. Fill in the S/N number and password then you can register your machine successful.

5. Update:click ''My updates'',select the correct S/N of your product,and click ''update'' button.

6. Wait several minuts, update will be done, enjoy new software.

Video demo:

Foxwell NT650 For sale:US$210.00 with shipping free

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