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Free Download Benz C6 VCI DoIP 1.5.3

WiFi Benz C6 VCI diagnostic tool DoIP firmware is possible to be updated by link.


DoIP firmware version: 1.5.3

Compatible device: Benz C6 VCI with DoIP function


Free download Xentry VCI DoIP Update Tool 2.2!fmxWECDR!V0khe_gi4licjekI0nIRohytSQbtCJ...


How to update Benz C6 DoIP firmware?

1.) Download DoIP update tool 2.2 above

2.) Connect DoIP VCI with laptop (It will give Connect refused error if not connect VCI with laptop)

3) Run update tool and press update.

4) Wait until upgrade success.



C6 VCI comes without software.  Xentry software with keygen is available to purchase here:

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