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How to do odometer correction on BMW X5

Here are FAQs of  how to do mileage adjustment on BMW X5 and how to choose the best odometer correction tool for cars.


Anyone know if you can do mileage correction on 2014-2015 BMW X5 using digiprog 4.94?

Digiprog III 4.94 will not do bmw f15.


So need to buy eeprom ? and avdi ? to complete this job ?

No you don’t need to buy eeprom (eraser can erase these eprom )only can filter and install in dashboard or FEM and Avdi, BMW explorer or …….


Do you know which programmer will?

If it is cas4 you need to do cas and dash with vvdi prog

if it is with fem you can use can filter and have also to do dash

in both case digiprog can not erase original eeprom

so you can use vvdi prog or r270 programmer


what is the cheapest to buy

Program new EEPROM with Xprog, filter in Fem will be cheapest

Eraser is about $110


Esys can do that?

It can be cleared in custom kombi coding with esys enet cable


what to do with km in key?

i think not possible change it in new type of key f15 without change to new key.

buy new bdc, then key will take km from there


Easy way?

X5 has fem

Canfilter in dash is easiest.

Remove battery First

Reference: BMW FEM/BDC Programming



Mileage correction: Yes

Key programming: Yes


Lonsdor K518iese on FEM/BDC:

Key programming: Yes

Auro OtoSys IM600 FEM:




Autel MaxiTPMS TS601 is the best for Hot summer

Autel MaxiTPMS TS601 should be the best for hot summer to perform activating the TPM sensor, cloning a set of TPM sensors and creating a new set of TPM sensor, reprogramming TPMS etc.. Autel TS601 is verified to be better than OTC touch and many other computer tools after reading the following real users' test.



  1. More surprise is Autel MaxiTPMS TS601 price drop down again.
    Like   $379 free shipping.

    After reading Autel TS601 reviews, you will agree it's worth to own. 
    Review 1: Autel TS601 Reprogram the TMPS on 2016 WRX model perfectly 
    How to ......
    When you get Autel TS601, you have to run a software update. Basically, you need to be minimally computer savvy to create an Autel account and plug the USB wire (taking off the protective rubber cover) to your computer. If you have a average PC, it will work fine. I had to update the tool because off the shelf, it will not support my 2016 WRX model. After the update, it work great.

    You are probably looking into this tool because you got a new set of wheels (in my case, it was winter set) and the TMPS light was on with the new set of sensors. The device is very simple to use. Basically, you get/activate the sensors in the order of the screen picture. After you catch all 4 wheels, you will then plug the odb2 cable into the car. You will hit an option to load that information on your car's computer. After it is completed, you drive the car for like 5 mins and the annoying light will go away. That's what I used it for... It works and hence, it gets a 5 star because my OTC touch or my other computer tools will not connect with this car to reprogram the TMPS...

    Review 2: 2012 Hyundai TPMS reprogramming: Wins other tools 
    This will do everything you need for TPMS. I bought this for my shop after a sensor replacement on a 2012 Hyundai could not be programmed with our current equipment (some newer vehicles need this tool to actually write the sensor ID onto the module). TS601 does it all including direct communication and programming to the TPMS module!!! I still have not seen a better product on the market. Easy to use and every Autel product I have bought so far has been easily updated for free and easy to use.

    Review 3: 2011 Cadillac CTS
    Works better than expected! Updating the program worked the first time and it worked on my 2011 Cadillac CTS without any problems! I look forward to using it for a long time to come!

    Review 4: 2010 Honda Fit
    I have used this product on my 2010 Honda Fit. It was perfect for reading the sensors and figuring out which sensor needed to be replaced on the car. The Autel TS601 worked right out of the box, not update needed for it to work on my vehicle. I would recommend reading the manual before you use the product as you can get lost in the menus a little bit. I plan on using it on a KIA in about a week and I hope it works on that vehicle as well. I will update when that happens.

    Review 5: I love Autel TS601 because......
    Moved back into snow country about a year and half ago, and knew I needed an additional set of winter wheels and tires for our cars. I enjoy the peace of mind of TPMS, and driving around all winter with a tire sensor warning and no pressure readout was not acceptable. 

    Bottom line: 4.5 stars if would let me. Very powerful tool that works perfectly if you know what you're doing.

    However, the quality of the tool, casing and accessories is very good. It takes a bit of tech and automotive savvy to figure out, but it does what it's supposed to extremely well.

    The printed instruction manual is really, really bad, written both for an older version of the firmware and clearly translated with varying success from another language.

    Review 6: comprehensive
    Autel MaxiTPMS TS601 can be used as both the Tire Pressure Sensor tool but also the OBD reader. It does not just read the codes but also can display the data live. I found the live tracking of OBD data to be quite useful in diagnosing problems. It did take me longer than I expected to figure out the update system, but now it is current with the latest vehicles out there. I was surprised to see such a comprehensive list. I would buy it again if I needed more than one.

    To be continued......

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How to check BMW ICOM firmware need update + how update it?

BMW ICOM A2 diagnostic interface failed to be connected, because the firmware is too old and need to upgrade it.


Firstly, you need to learn how to check BMW ICOM firmware need update.

update the firmware of BMW ICOM Interface. You have no need to update it if it says FREE.
Please read the above photo. It shows FIRMWARE in red frame, that mean you need to

Secondly, update the firmware of BMW ICOM Diagnostic tool step by step.

1.Power on your icom interface by OBD cable, and connect it to computer by LAN cable. PLEASE make sure they are connected well because your interface might be damaged if disconnection during updating.

2.After connected, open the file ENGINEER TOOL on the desktop and you will see a file named ICOM FIRMWARE UPDATE. They are 2 BINs inside of it, ICOM-APPLICATIONIMAGE-XXX and ICOM-BOOTIMAGE-XXX. They are the files


3.Open your IE and input the IP address of your icom. If you do not know what is the IP of your icom, you can use ISTA-D to find it. As below, the IP in green frame is the IP of your ICOM. It needs ID and password to enter in, the ID is root,pw is NZY11502.


  1. After entering into ICOM by IE.Click UPDATE FIRMWARE and choose ICOM-BootImage-XXX.bin,choose Image type as SYSTEM and click SEND THE FILE. Click YES when he say Write the image file to the flash? You will see the red right blinks after that.



5.Now we click UPDATE FIRMWARE and choose ICOM-ApplicationImage-xxx.bin and then choose the Image type as APPLICATION and then click SEND THE FILE. Click YES when he says Write the image file to the flash?

6.Reboot your ICOM interface after you update those APPLICATIONIMAGE and Bootimage. And you need to wait for few minutes. Go to ISTA-D again, you will see the FRIMWARE turn to FREE. That means your interface is matched to latest BMW ICOM ISTA software.



Hope it helps!

Any question, please feel free to contact, email at:


Thanks for reading!


2018.3 BMW ICOM Software HDD ISTA-D 4.09.13 ISTA-P Engineering Mode support Windows 7 $99

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