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How to keep GM GDS2 - NEVER expires

Found a way to keep GM GDS2 for longer than 30 days after downloading it.


So I found a way to keep GDS2 indefinitely…or as long as you own your computer. First of all I’m not sure if this works for the 3 day subscription but I don’t see why not. So after you download GDS2 in Tis2web, to keep the license going there is a program(free) called ‘runasdate’, there is a 64 bit version and a 32 bit version. Use the 32 bit version. If you need help setting it up I can screen shot how I set mine up, although it’s incredibly easy. Enjoy and thanks and rep would be appreciated if you found this useful

P.S. Don’t let this leak to GM so they don’t close this loophole. Also, ignore the 30 days countdown in GDS2 once you set it up, it’ll count all the way down to 0 days but still work beyond that!


Easy way from

You can change the time of your GDS2 installation and it will continue to work


Look here: GDS2 works perfect
















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Golf 7 and Amarok 2014 MQB Mileage correction ,which tool?


Which tool for  Golf 7 and Amarok 2014 jonson Odometer Correction ?

I have smok uhds but seems not support that kind of dashboard

I think support only vdo and continental

if anyone who already did it, plz give more information


i know VVDI2 xhorse and OBDSTAR tools can work for MQB

but not sure if it’s helpful to your cars

It’s good at VW MQB odometer correction

Both your Golf 7 and Amarok 2014 are listed in the car list.

Look at the sreenshots.. it’s marked in red

Golf 7 listed:






Amarok 2014 listed:


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Xtool EZ400 activation not work, please wait...solution

Xtool EZ400 has error: When all the details have been entered and I press ‘Activate’, the app keeps on saying ‘Please wait…’ for about an hour while nothing happens.


Here is the photo.



First ensure the internet is working fine.

Then update Xtool EZ400 Pro to the newest version

Please download this APP and try again

(If not, please contact email at: )

Finally, All good and working!


Thanks for the engineer of

Purchase new Xtool EZ400 at a competitive price compare Xtool EZ400 Amazon / Ebay:


Attach the full package of tool EZ400.




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