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Download & Install MaxiLinkII Software

Here is the Autel MaxiTPMS® TS401 TPMS Diagnostic Tool update guide.

1. Download & Install MaxiLinkII Software

The TS401 is updated via the MaxiLinkII software (installed on a Windows PC) and by downloading the Update file from the website. The Maxilink II software is available at product/580.jhtml. From the homepage,, go to Products, then select MaxiTPMS TS401, click on the Downloads tab and then click on Maxi PC Suite TS401 file to download the MaxiLinkII software. To unzip the file, rightmouse click on the file and select Extract All. Double-click on Setup.exe to install.


2. Download TS401 Update

To download software updates, click here, product/580.jhtml, then select TS401 Update file. Or from the homepage, www., click on Products, then MaxiTPMS TS401, and click the Downloads tab. In the list, click the TS401 Update file to download the zip file. To unzip the file, right-mouse click on the file and select Extract All. Remember to note the location of extracted folder.


3. Connect Tool to PC


Connect tool to the computer using the supplied USB and select Update Mode on the tool.

Note: When an error occurs and the tool is unable to work properly, you may need to update the programs. Power off the tool first and then hold the N button, connect the tool with the computer via USB and then the tool will enter the Update Mode forcedly. Follow the update procedures to refresh the program


4. Update the Tool

IMPORTANT: Both the TS401 file and the DTC file must be updated for the tool to function correctly. There is NO need to register the tool before updating.

Updat-autel-ts401-tool-1 Updat-autel-ts401-tool-2

Launch MaxiLinkII on the PC and then select TS401 on the left-hand side of the screen under the TPMS tab. Under Update Program, click on Select File and browse to the software update you downloaded. Open the folder labelled US, select the file within (the file extension is .bin) and click on Update. The application will communicate with the tool and update. The PC application and the tool will display a message once the update is completed. Next, under Update DTC, click on Select File, browse to file (the file extension is .aut) and click on Open, and then click on Update. The application will communicate with the tool and update its software. The PC application and the tool will display a message once the update is completed. Now your tool is ready to use!



How about MPPS V21

This is for your information: Looking for MPPS V21.


MPPS V21 clone in UK:


MPPS V21 software, car list download, review:


There are only 2 variants for the moment ORIGINAL and CLONE.

Clone you can buy for 100EU or less and ORI for 2500EU.

Thanks for comments:


Read written FLESH + MPC + EEPROM fiat marely 6f3, OK through OBD.

There are few tools that read-write EEPROM marely by OBD.

OBD-flash reading 3min 20 sec., 45 sec-writing.

MPC and EEPROM read OBD-20 seconds, 20 seconds writing (multyboot OBD) .A very strong and stable tool.


its always a risk with edc17 , this ecu opens easy , boot is safer , if you trust your tool you have to make a choice


tested edc16u1 from T5 2007 1.9tdi AXB 77kw.

read write ok over obd on kline.

make sure you remove the fan plug from fan controller when writing on this cars. when flash is erased the fan will work on max speed .


Ems3132 Bootmode. Read ok. Write not ok.

It erases the flash and cannot write.

Revived by k-tag.


MPPS V18 do not have capabilities to read and write PSG16 trough K-line.

If you want to flash PSG16 In Astra G, or Zafira A with MPPS V18, you must connect to CAN lines directly.

Vectra C, Signum etc – through OBD port.

It is not so bad for a 50-60 euro tool !!!


Jetta 2,0 16v TSi 200cv – MED17.5.2 Tprot10 

Read in Boot = OK

made OBD unlock and CKS by MPPS, write boot = OK


siemens ppd 03G 906 018 AQ

BRD: R4 2.0l PPD1.3 G 9973

read ..write obd ok..


it’s working.both can and kline. tested on bmw edc16c31,edc15v/,edc16u1


mpps in bootloader-obd can calculate checksum
Marelli 6F3 or others…


Audi a4… write obd ok.

HW: 03L 906 022 B

R4 2,0L EDC H01 4375


NISSAN Q. EDC16CP33 (4A44383842) R/W OBD = OK (CRC-OK).


Magneti Marelli 6f3, 6JF, 8F2, 8F3 in obd and multiboot with micro and eeprom works very well!


Alfa Roméo Giulietta 2L 170cv EDC16 C39 (can line): read/write by obd ok. Flash ecu failure: mode recovery ok.

Fiat Punto evo 1.3L jtdm 75cv Mareli Multijet MJD8F2/3:read/write by obd ok. Flash ecu failure: mode recovery ok.

Susuki SX4 1.9L 120cv EDC16 C39 (can line): read/write by obd ok. Flash ecu failure: mode recovery ok.


edc16C39 and mjd8 work fine on good V18….without recovery……..


Write edc16C39  failure with fgtec v54, solder failure at the usb socket,

Recovery of ecu with v18 mpps. I confirm my mpps, read write without problem.


Reading psg16 opel zafira ok, writing ok but does not start, does not edit cheksum, write original, everything ok


Used MPPS V18 to Read Flash from Vauxhall Astra 1.7 CDTI 2012 Denso ECU very quick with no issues.

And also EDC17 CP20 on Volkswagen Passat 2.0 TDI 2009 took about 3 minutes..


Suzuki SX4 DDIS 1.9L 120hp, Bosch EDC16C39 2008, can & kline, read & write by obd ok.


mpps= read= unlok file = write unlok file = not boot = kess obd2 = open file unlok = write obd2 kess= ok


opel corsa 1.3jtd MT marelli ecu 6J0 C1,read/write true obd=ok. he reads 448kb and write it,wery fast…


Magneti Marelli 6f3, Reading at the BDM works very well!


Opel Corsa 2004 1.3cdti ecu Marelli MJD6JO.C2 Read OK, Write NOT OK (using full read dump in both cases, read and write), ecu not booting at all…. need to fix it by BDM.


tested today edc16u31 on mk5 golf for a egr off, and all ok read write on kline.











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How to do ZCS/FA coding with Vpecker Easydiag

Model: BMW 330ci 2004 or 330i 2003

Purpose: ZCS/FA coding on BMW3 series e46 330ci






BMW >>Coding/Program



BMW >>Coding/Program >>ZCS/FA CODING

IMPORTANT: With coding by means of the ZCS/VO, the changes made using the CAR/KEY the CAR/KEY MEMORY program can be overwritten. These are to be reset as required.


Select models E46


Display coding code


Vpecker-Easydiag-ZCS-FA-Coding-6 Vpecker-Easydiag-ZCS-FA-Coding-7Vpecker Easydiagworked well on E46 ZCS/FA coding!





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