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Cummins INLINE 7 Insite 8.3 using tips for newbie

Here is the three using tips of Cummins INLINE 7 Insite 8.3 ,Cummins inline 7 data link adapter v2.1.0013 Setup on win7 win10, Cummins inline 7 insite 8.3 diagnosis.


Part 1: Cummins INLINE 7 Insite 8.3 using tips

Part 2: Cummins inline 7 data link adapter v2.1.0013 Setup

Part 3: Cummins inline 7 insite 8.3 diagnosis


Part 1: Cummins INLINE 7 Insite 8.3 using tips

  1. INLINE 7 can run the driver of INLINE 6.
  2. Insite 8.3 Crack activation:

The user has to use the supplier's Insite 8.3 Crack software to submit and wait the server to authorize till succeed, so it may take some time, after success, the software is combined with your computer.


  1. Do not directly open the Inline 8.3 after installed, you need to go through the supplier's software and use Inline 8.3.


  1. After Inline 8.3 is authorized successfully, the user can use 3 years for free for 70 times, generally the user is supposed to get authorization every month (that is within 3 years, after the times is used up, the user can get authorization by themselves). After 3 years, the user will be charged.


  1. After activation, the user is disallowed to change motherboard, memory and CPU. If you change them, you have to submit the Inline 7 serial number to the seller for activation.


  1. The Calibrations in the Inline 7 U disk can be used for 6 months, after 6 months later you can search "Inline Calibrations" on Google and download to use.
  2. If you install Chinese insite 8.3, then you have to use the Chinese "Cummins License Configuration tool"; if you choose the other language to install insite 8.3, then use the English "Cummins License Configuration tool", because the dealer code is not the same.


Chinese dealer code: 010C

English dealer code: 086N

  1. After input Dealer code and serial number, please click on " Payment success", then provide the dealer with the serial number for processing in the server, again you click on " Payment success" and you will receive a message indicating success.


Part 2: Cummins inline 7 data link adapter v2.1.0013 Setup

  • Extract zip and Double-click on the setup.exe file to run the install.


  1. The Welcome to INlINE7 Setup screen is displayed and please carefully read the information to follow the recommendations. Then click Next.


  1. Read all the all information on this screen, then click I Agree



  1. Carefully read the warning message, and disconnect all RP1210 adapters to which your laptop or PC might be connected prior to proceeding with the installation.


  1. Once you have complied with the requirements of the warning message, click OK to continue.


  1. If you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8, the following Windows Security dialog may be displayed. Click install to continue.


  1. Click Next when the Installation Complete screen is displayed.


  1. Click Finish to finish installing


Cummins INLINE 7 Data Link Adapter driver has been installed on your computer that you can use all services of Cummins INLINE 7 on your vehicle.


Part 3: Cummins inline 7 insite 8.3 diagnosis

Cummins inline 7 insite 8.3 is tested ok to read & clear trouble codes.


Software version: Insite


Cummins Inline 7 insite 8.3 get ready


cummins-insite-8-3-download-01 cummins-insite-8-3-download-02 cummins-insite-8-3-download-03 cummins-insite-8-3-download-04


Cummins insite 8.3 fault codes:


cummins-insite-8-3-download-05 cummins-insite-8-3-download-06 cummins-insite-8-3-download-07 cummins-insite-8-3-download-08 cummins-insite-8-3-download-09 cummins-insite-8-3-download-010 cummins-insite-8-3-download-011

Fault codes are Cummins way of letting you know that your engine has a problem. Every sensor and circuit on your engine has a certain expected reading and voltage signal. These signals are monitored constantly by the Cummins ECM. If values rise above or below expected, the ECM will log a code.

If the error has occurred but is not happening at the time of diagnostics, it is known as an Inactive Fault. If the error is happening while you diagnose, it is known as an Active Fault.

All codes can be classified as either Active or Inactive, and their status can be determined by flash codes or through the Insite Electronic Service Tool.

the ECM will log a code.

If the error has occurred but is not happening at the time of diagnostics, it is known as an Inactive Fault. If the error is happening while you diagnose, it is known as an Active Fault.

All codes can be classified as either Active or Inactive, and their status can be determined by flash codes or through the Insite Electronic Service Tool.


What is new of Fault Codes in Cummins INSITE version 8:


– Fault Codes window displays an engine's fault data

– Fault Codes include both engine faults and engine protection faults

– Each fault is represented by a Cummins fault code

  • Indicates a specific malfunction or abnormal condition within the controller, subsystem, or


– Ability to link to Fault Information System for Troubleshooting Information



What’s new in Fault Codes Sorting in Cummins INSITE 8:

Fault Codes can be sorted by either the column, or by right click for multiple column sorting

The Fault Code data can be sorted by clicking on the column header for a single column sort

The data will be sorted based on the selected column in ascending order. Click on the column header again to resort the data in descending order

Note: Sorting can only be used on the Fault Code, Status, Count, or Lamp columns



What’s new in Fault Codes Wrap Up in Cummins INSITE 8:

 Fault Codes window shows active and inactive Fault Codes

 Alternate click

– Link to Fault Information System for Troubleshooting information

– Clear Inactive Faults

 Links to Troubleshooting available in the Fault Information System


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CM Tech2 Review: TIS2000 Installation Solutions

I bought a gm tech 2 which can diagnose vehicle by myself. I had been confused by various car problems in a long time, because I could not figure out them myself sometimes and tired of service departments not knowing what’s going on.


Sometimes I feel that I’m actually even smarter than most techs that work in the service departments at dealerships. And if I’m not any smarter, at least I’ll care more, and take the time to figure it out because it’s my own vehicle.


I had looked through lots of diagnostic tools, GM tech 2 diagnostic scan tool seemed the best one of them and so it is.


I received the tool with TIS2000 CD for TECH2 GM Car Model Software which can support for till 2007 year GM car programming.


The Tech 2 unit (handset) can be used to interrogate the various management modules on the car (ECU) to report status, fault codes and perform manual activation and monitoring in the event of fault occurrences/engine management light occurrences. This in itself is incredibly useful, but it is also possible to reprogram modules within the car to change various functions and add or replace faulty modules and programme keys. Whilst the diagnosis side can be performed standalone, to be able to actually change settings on the car, Tech 2 ‘Security Access’ is required, which means activating the Tech 2 handset via PC software.

Tech 2 unit



Software installed:


Install the GM TIS2000 application (needs to be Windows XP, 32-bit operating system). There are normally two discs. One is the app, the other is the GM update disc, which is not required. If this is the case, install the first disc only but don’t run up the application on completion. If you didn’t get it with a clone, you can get a copy with the USB dongle. If prompted to select a registration method, select USB Key and OK the prompts.

All that is now required is to activate the software to get security access (enable Tech 2 programming). To do this you’ll need a USB key and patch available from the same sources as the clone Tech 2 units.


There is a video:



Hardware issues:


You can check you have RS232 COMMS using the GM TIS2000 install and going into the Tech 2 View option. Don’t mess about with serial port settings etc as if there is a physical connection there it will work without interference. pins 4 and 5 of the RS485&RS232 socket are actually used.





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How to Use OBDSTAR X300 DP Tablet Program keys on VW

OBDSTAR X300 DP is a tool that combine key programmer and diagnostic tool 2 in 1. it has  reached a higher level in key programming and diagnosis. Today I will show you what the tool look like and how it works on VW.


Here we go!


OBDSTAR X300 DP Packing list


There are tablet with camera, VCI interface unite and OBD cable etc.

obdstar-x300-dp-1 obdstar-x300-dp-2 obdstar-x300-dp-3


Video demo:



Then connect OBDSTAR X300 DP tablet to VCI with USB cable and turn it on. Indicator light will be flash if connect successful.



That’s Setting menu including VCI, Language, Unit, Data records, User info, Self test and About.



Key programme test


Select Diag Program after connect the vehicle.


Select car model in immobilize, my car is VW.


Select OK to continue



Read code before program keys

obdstar-x300-dp-9 obdstar-x300-dp-10


Get the password


Then come back and select Program keys





Put in password


We want to match two keys


Each key in the [ON]/[OFF] position for at least 2 seconds

obdstar-x300-dp-16 obdstar-x300-dp-17


Select program remote after that


Erase remote fist then program remote

obdstar-x300-dp-19 obdstar-x300-dp-20


Please orderly press any key of the remote to add once.



That’s all my test about OBDSTAR X300 DP key programmer. It is handy and advanced that only several buttons to tap and take just a few time in whole test.


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