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BMW X3 E83 Steering Angle Learning by Launch X431V pro

 Post Topic: step – by -step procedure on how to do bmw x3 e83 steering angle learning with Launch x431 v diagnostic tablet.


Tools to prepare:Launch X431 pro 


Launch X431 pro function:


After the replacement of steering angle sensor, it is necessary to encode the steering angle sensor, then adjust it.

Launch X431 pro



Operation procedure:

Select Manually select-> x series-> x3_e83-> chassis

launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (1)


Enter ABS (anti-lock brake system-dsc) system

launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (2)


Select Special function

launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (3)



launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (4)


Select Steering angle learning

launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (5)


The steering angle must be calibrated as reference

launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (6)


After successful calibration, it prompts the info as below

launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (7)


The end of test module

launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (8)



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FGtech Galletto 4 clone: SE61-G SE61-GB, which best?

From what I can see, there are currently 3 different Chinese PCB versions of Galletto v54 !

– There is one, where there are 2 leds on the top of the galletto and there are two, where the leds are on both sides, where the connectors are located (power/bdm/obd)

OBDEXPRESS.CO.UK, sells two different versions of Galletto v54, from different manufacturers:

(note: on the site, the pictures for both items are the same, but the galletto version differs in the leds and package, please check below for correct details)

 Item No. SE61-G is the other version they sell, it comes in a brown box, has a power adapter for bench work, and has a green led, next to the power connector, and a red and yellow leds on the other side. This version is a little more expensive… Just a couple of euros… Maybe it’s because it has the power adapter also…

 Item No. SE61-GB is the one, that has red led next to the power connector, and a green and yellow leds, on the other side, and comes without power adapter and comes in a white box.

This is the version I have, and I have successfully tested it in several cars:


Audi A4 2.0 tdi 2008edc17cp14: dpf delete, eco/power map


have the one with red LED next to power jack. I gave tested on k line works fineCAN works finetricore works fine. Not tested on bdm yet


Tricore 2010 audi a6: read OK


2005 Skoda octavia vrs: K line OK


GP read 1_3 MJT 75 hp: Twenty-six seconds to read. File 2 MB


BMW X6 3.0D 2008 EDC16: OBD read and write WORK


Citroen C3 Bosch EDC 16C34: Read and write all good

5 minutes total to write.


BMW 525 (E39): Read and write OK. Everything Good


BMW edc16c35: failed

then i have to recovery through bdm.

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W220 ESP Variant Codingwith SD connect C4

About: Mercedes w220 ESPmodule Variant Coding, esp. for C1511-005 Coding ErrorVariant Coding is incorrect

Model:2002 Mercedes-Benz w220 s55


What is variant coding:


The variant coding in question is set by using factory data. That factory data is basically what chassis that engine control unit is bolted to. Things like weight of the car, yaw sensor and acceleration sensor parameters, moment arms, etc etc.

Once the engine control unit “learns” its variant coding, it is permanently and irrevocably locked down.


* Mercedes Variant Coding requirement:

Star diagnostic tool (better SD connect C4 or C5), ebay or

A specialized laptop, second-hand ok

Working software, original/crack…both ok

(if you’re newbies, better use a diagnostic bundle, avoid lots of issues)


What is C1511-005 Coding Error:


The ESP module reads the variant coding from the ECU. Once read, its ” soft” locked.


Your trouble code suggests that the ESP module has a variant coding that differs from that of the ECU.


Is this a recent occurrence? Did you perhaps have an third party ECU tune performed? Was the ESP module replaced ? Is the trouble code stored or current ?


How to do W220 ESP Variant Coding correctly:


If you have a STAR diagnostic tool such as SD connect C4, and it sounds like you may, go to the ESP module under





Fault Codes

Select C1511-005


  1. to the right it should say CURRENT or STORED

hit F8

It should show you how many time the car has ben started after the code was detected. “0” means the fault is CURRENT, any number greater than 0 the fault should be STORED and past history. The ( obviously ) higher the number of start cycles the longer ago it was.


(If it was a long ago and a stored code, I would clear it and move on. If it is current, you can force a variant locking reset of the ESP module in STAR diagnostic and see if the code returns. If the trouble code returns, that would make it a current and ongoing error. If that turns out to be the case then perhaps the ESP module has gone “breasts skyward”.)


  1. Double click C1511-005

Read the pre conditions

hit F3

read the sequence and follow it to (hopefully) force a variant coding re-read/write.


It would seem that the ESP reads the ECU on every start up. Having a bad TCU MAY be contributing to the ECU variant coding being off kilter. I would think there would be some P2000-P2564 series codes displayed for that though.


I have no training as a MB mech/tech and offer this as just a possible direction to proceed in. The ( very ) highly paid professionals at the Dollarship or the ( not so ) highly paid folks at a good independent shop should/would have the final say.







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