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Lowest Price to get Xentry DAS for SD connect C4, Star C3

The best price of different versions of SD connect C4 and MB Star C3 software (Xentry DAS WIS…). All tested working 100%.



Old version:

2016 2015 2014 2012 SD C4/ Star C3 software: $ 79.99 (with shipping)

2016 SD C4/ Star C3 softwar



Incl. item no. SS186-8D9, SS185-8D5, SS185-D5, SS186-D5, SS185-D7, SS186-D7, SS186-D9, SS186-8D5, SS186-8D7

You can copy the item number and search it at


Newest version:

2016.12 Mb diagnostic software for SD connect C4/ C3: 99.00 (with shipping)


– For PCs with HDD:


For Windows 8 users: V2016.12 MB SD Connect C4 Software


Both tested YES in diagnosis, coding  ecu programming

Works perfect in a DELL D630 with a 500GB HDD

No issues in Windows 7/8 system


– For PCs with SSD:


For Windows 7 users: V2016.12 MB SD Connect Compact 4 


Both tested YES in diagnosis, coding  ecu programming

Works perfect in a DELL D630 with a 256GB SSD

No issues in Windows 7/8 system



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Ford IDS v104.01 Software Free Download

Here, ford ids v104.01 software free download on Mega:

Ford ids software crack

Login the software directly

No need user name

No password


Can be installed on any computer with Windows XP(SP2 or later), win 7, win 8 and win 10

No need the virtual machine to install the software


How to install ford ids software:


ford ids scan tool for sale:

VCM IDS 3 for Ford and Mazda (tested OK, works perfect)

Ford vcm ii (not tested yet, needs luck)


Note: for vcm 2 clone, you can go to


ford ids vcm3 functions:

  1. OBD2 Diagnostics
    2. Vehicle Reprogramming: reprogramming for all Ford & Mazda vehicles
    3. Immobilizer and smart keys programming
    * All ford vehicles(Include all functions of original VCM/IDS);
    * All mazda vehicles(Include all functions of original VCM/IDS)


ford ids software update complete!


how to use Xprog programmer to read/write 5M48H.

Process: Xprog v5.70 read/write CAS4 5M48H

Xprog price: €132

Note: 5.7.0 is the only version XPROG-M can decypt BMW CAS4


How to r/w 5M48H:

Run xprog software

Click on New


Xprog-read-write-CAS4-5M48H (1


Read 5M48H


Xprog-read-write-CAS4-5M48H (2


Xprog-read-write-CAS4-5M48H (3

Then write 5M48H


Xprog-read-write-CAS4-5M48H (4


Xprog-read-write-CAS4-5M48H (5


Xprog-read-write-CAS4-5M48H (6

Again, click on Read after verifying the device


Xprog-read-write-CAS4-5M48H (7


Xprog-read-write-CAS4-5M48H (8

Xprog read and write CAS4 5M48H successfully.


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