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How to setup SDconnect C4 wired connection to PC

This is how to connect SD Connect C4 with Xentry 2014, that failed to registrer my multiplexer and hasn’t LAN connecting into a SD connect.






Solution... here you go.

You should connect " Wired LAN " MUX to your PC.

Then switch a your PC's icon " wired " .

Changed --> to next ( uploaded configuration movie ) pass : our major pw.

Not changed --> check you wired LAN driver and cable.

Many troubles had SD connect wired LAN module.

If OK your PC and cable

sdconnect_config000:!bo92ySQB!ajjQoIrVWXS4TmNO5PnDFF31gY7EQF...  If it doesn’t work, try to reinstall " SD net control "


Good luck.


2017.05 XDOS Xentry 2221-45 & 3.91 Fix Download Free

Free download 2221-45 & 3.91 Fix for Xentry/DAS 2017.05


Again, this is for 2017.05 Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS only.

Try on your own risk.  hold no responsibility of what you will try.



The issue & solution you may need:


(StarInsecure) ID is automatically lost





The most idiotic way how to make a full shit from the system!

FIRST! You must understand how it works totally before to kill it with your stupid replacing.

1. com.daimler.xentry.diagservice_1.7.0.201703101035.jar = encoded with another algorithm from 2017.05. The system CAN`T READ this file with an old encoding, YOU COULD SIMPLY TO DELETE THIS FILE in case of it.

The hell of instructions are lost.

2. com.daimler.fusoko.variables_1.22.9.201703101035.jar = not encoded, but from 2016.09 version

I don`t see any work here.

Try to decode their “old” or “new” algorithm for java first, it`s very easy now, THE IDIOT IN DAIMLER WHO MADE THE NEW THING = REAL GENIUS0.



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Vxdiag Multi Diagnostic Tool: Rheingold Techstream IDS 3 in 1

This is VXDIAG Allscanner for BMW TOYOTA FORD/MAZDA.


This vxdiag multi diagnostic tool is called VXDIAG A3.


Allscanner vxdiag a3 can be performed as a combination of BMW ICOM A2, Vxdiag vcx nano Ford/Mazda, and Vxdiag vcx nano Toyota.


Professionals tested its functionality and verified it’s working 100% no issues in OBDII diagnostics, coding, key/ ecu programming.


Vxdiag a3 diagnostic tool on BMW works as ICOM A2


Vxdiag A3 and Bmw software worked!


ISTA-D 4.04.12………diagnose OK

ISTA-P…………….program OK

BMW ETK: 2017.2………read electronic catalogue OK

BMW KSD 09.2016……… commercial service data OK

BMW Engineer Software:

– INPA………diagnose E series OK

– NCS………..coding E series OK

– WinKFP………..programming E series OK

– E-Sys 3.27.1, Psdzdata 59.0)……..coding f series OK

BMW FSC code generator

BMW AiCoder




Vxdiag a3 on Ford/Mazda works as VCM2 clone or Vxdiag vcx nano for Ford/Mazda



Vxdiag A3 with Ford IDS software is good at Ford diagnostics and programming as VCM2 china clone and Vxdiag vcx nano Ford do, incl.


  1. Programming & Installation of new ECUs (PCM, ABS, Instrument Cluster, Air Bag, Fuel Pumps, etc.)
  2. Live Data-stream with Recording & Playback Functions for Main ECUs
  3. Read & Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
  4. New Software Re-flash for Existing ECUs
  5. Set, Adjust or Remove Speed Governors
  6. Automatic vehicle recognition
  7. All Other Dealer Functions
  8. Guided Fault Finding
  9. Steering Angle Resets
  10. Program New Keys
  11. DPF Regeneration
  12. Brake Bleeding
  13. Injector Coding


The important tip: VXDIAG NANO vs VCM II : Which is better?


Full chip high quality VCM II (SP177-C1) better!

But be careful programming!




Vxdiag a3 on Toyota works as well as Vxdiag vcx nano for Toyota


Vxdiag A3 Toyota performs well with Techstream software for Toyota/Lexus diagnostics and customizing setting.


Some of the more memorable ones are:

Program and erase my own keyless remotes, FOB’s, Smart Keys, Etc….

Change DRLs on or off

Change light sensor for when headlights come on or go off with AUTO mode

Make it so windows roll down when you hold down unlock on your remote for 2.5 seconds.

Roll up/down windows by turning key in the door lock for 2.5 seconds

Turn on or off seatbelt warning buzzer

Turn beeper on/off for doors locking and unlocking with remote

Change door locks on/off when shifting FROM park

Change door locks on/off when speed over 15mph

Change door locks on/off when shifting INTO park

Change doors locks to unlock all doors 10 seconds after driver door opens.

Change delay for how long headlights stay on after ignition off.

Program your TPMS sensors to your vehicle if you get a new/replace one.

Shows temp inside tires, and actual pressure inside each tire including spare.

Every switch in the car is displayed with it’s current status.

Press the Cruise control Accel stick up and it shows that switch is now on.

Pull the stick and it shows the cancel button is now on.

Push window down button and it shows window down button on.


Every imaginable sensor, temp, flow, psi, that’s on the vehicle is displayed to you.