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Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Tested(Customer Feedback)

OBDexpress collects some customer feedback on Lonsdor K518ISE,help it has some help.



Lonsdor K518ISE

Here you are


Lonsdor had some updates in December so I decided to try it this week. I used in on three cars and all three successfully coded. First Car a 2005 Megan card key done within 1 minute, second a 2010 Zafira completed with 1 minute and finally a 2017 ford fiesta smart key completed within a minute. As said earlier the fact that it’s running off an android based OS this device has a lot of potentials. I can safely say I have completed 7 jobs with the device so it’s paid for itself. Although I have other tools that could have done these Jobs I look fwd to future updates so we can have more success on VAG immo 4 and 5.

2. ford ecosport prox. ok

mitsubishi l200 2014 1 sec. done


The Lonsdor does much more then my MVPP M8 clone or any other china tool I own. The english version of this tool has been out for 2 months and its filed gaps and saved me from using AD tokens. I bought it for FEM which works and I put a value of $500 for that feature. Volvo cars which only VIDA could do, I put another $500 value on that. For a tool costing $1300 you get all of the same over lap of coverage on you basic china tool but then there are things which make it unique. No tokens and free updates and the ability to do these cars and more for essentially $300 more.

BMW CAS 2,3,3+,3++

Jeep Cherokee pull 5 pin and program

KIA / Hyundai NEW pin code pull and program, some cars

Ford 2017 Prox

FIAT pull pin and program, some cars

2017 Mazda Prox

FASTEST Chrysler pull pin and program machine I own

and more…

If it does VAG immo 5 and anything else in the future that would just be a bonus to me, but if you bought it just for VAG immo 5 sorry for your disappoint I’m sure they will get it working soon.

2. reset immo G toyota hilux… done

nissan 20 digit pincode 8A key… done

mazda 2 program key no need incode … done

fiat strada dashboard 24c16… done, need id48 precharger

3. ford ecosport prox. ok

mitsubishi l200 2014 1 sec. done


Car list :


To be continue…


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Nissan consult 3 plus v65.12 download, installation & test reports

Topic: Nissan consult 3 plus v65.12 software download, installation & test reports.


Nissan consult 3 plus v65.12 software download:

Works on XP 32 bit, try win 7 8 10 at your own risk. Not work on VISTA.




Need no password

Safe to use

Optional multi-language: English/ French/ German/ Spanish/ Italian/ Japanese/ Russian/ Finnish/ Greek/ Chinese(Simplified)/ Chinese(Traditional)/Portuguese


Nissan Consult III Plus software version:

1) Nissan Consult 3 plus software version: V65.12

2) Nissan Consult 3 plus CSP software version: CSP V41.10

3) Nissan Consult Plus programming Data Version:Ppus_v65.1F


Perfectly works on Fly Nissan consult 3 plus interface:


Best resource with good quality PCB


If the above mega link is dead, please browse the above link to contact the dealer for help.


Nissan consult 3 plus v65.12 software installation:


  1. Uninstall the firewall, antivirus software.
  2. Install the Consult 3 plus V65.12 to the C drive in the “NTFS” format.


Simple guide:

  1. Open IE exploer browser to run “Start.html” .
  2. Open folder “C30 License” to run “C3PCheckLicense.exe”.
  3. Run “V80003T_20101215_x32.exe” to enable Bluetooth.
  4. Open folder “ReprogramData” to run “pus_v65.1F.exe”.

Then,Nissan consult 3 plus v65.12 software will work greatly.


Pairing Bluetooth Youtube Video:



Tip: for more installation instruction, open the packed CD to follow.


Fly Nissan consult 3 plus software test reports:

(Incl. car list and functions)


1). Nissan consult 3 plus software car list:

Cover cars up to 2016 year.

Nissan,Infiniti,GTR: diagnostic OK, Immo & smart key OK

Nissan GRT: diagnostic OK, Immo OK

Electromobiles car: diagnostic OK, Immo OK (Require additonal Nissan consult 3 plus security card, Otherwise button “Immobilizer key” will be gray color and is unavailable to use.)


2). Nissan consult 3 plus software feedback:

– 2010 Infiniti FX35…OK

– For ECU programming, you do not need to buy other card.

– Program tcm and bcm OK with the programming file found out by yourself.

– Done lots of programming. He’s done several blank trans modules. I installed a used ecm in a 2012 Altima with smart key.

– able to program a blank pathfinder tcm.2009, I do not have any cards, using version 51.11.

– Got my Nissan VII and its working as expected.

To be continued…


Failure list:

Can’t remap ECU and change IGN time-limited parameter.

Doesn’t contain Battery registration card


3) Tip: for a wide cars and functions, you need the following cards.

This security card covers almost all Nissan car’s immobilizer from 1996-2011

After insert the Security card, Nissan NATS Security system will be activated.


This card is PCI-E port, so the computer that Nissan consult 3 run with have “PCI-E” port.



  1. Nissan consult 3 plus VS Nissan consult 3 VS Nissan consult 4

Nissan consult 3 and 4 has the same software version and components. Just the different appearance and quality. Nissan consult3 plus is the newest released Nissan diagnostic and programming tool, it supports the Nissan models until 2016.


Tip: Most userre s prefer the following Nissan consult 3 interface


Best resource:


Good luck 

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Old VCM2 FW & New IDS SW compatibility (customer solution)

Topic:VCM2 firmware and IDS software compatibility



It works perfectly using IDS 96.05 with firmware from older IDS version. But even with changing the serial number, I have not been able to get it to connect to vehicle PCM with anything newer than that older firmware to use IDS 97 or 98 – Preferably 98.04 that came out today which still uses the firmware.

IDS 97/98 don’t support that older firmware anymore so I can’t use it with the newer IDS versions. (Additionally, I changed the serial before updating to one that I know is legit (actually tried a couple different ones), it will update and install fine.) But if I update the firmware on the device to to use IDS 97 or 98 it will update. It will show up in IDS as connected. When you actually go to use it, you can hear the relays click on as normal, but the unit will not establish a connection to the vehicles PCM to be able to use it.


Searched a lot…


And here, post what I did differently so others can benefit from my discoveries


1- Boot in recovery mode, reflash ford v86 ( if my memory is right?)

2- use the test mode hack and access the web interface. change serial number to a good one.

3- reboot in recovery, reflash (still in v86) to make the serial change persistent.

4- now I have a working Ford VCM2 with a good serial that can work in v98. but before upgrading, let’s put a hacked recovery firmware in it. re-enter test mode via test mode hack.

5-follow the steps cautiously to flash hacked firmware.

Now the device will flash to ford or mazda IDS v98. the device will not be detected at first (say you used ford IDS first). to switch from ford to mazda :

1- boot VCM in recovery mode

2- change device type using web browser

3- reboot VCM again in recovery mode

4- Launch Mazda IDS and reflash the VCM.

The same steps are used to flash back into ford firmware. I have not tried folder swapping and using a single firmware for both programs but I bet it would work. Because of the nature of my work, I can live with reflashing between both programs. they reside on the same HDD in a triple boot setup. the third OS is used for something else. I use deep freeze for my ford license works like a charm. Mazda doesn’t need anything done, only a valid device type and serial.

On a side note, I tested the device in 3 different win7 environments, and it just refuses to work in 2 of them. the ETAS driver keeps acting weird and sometimes detects an unknon device. on the 3rd one the driver is happy to see a good VCM2. Go figure… I setup both IDS programs in Win XP intances and it works fine.




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