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Latest Released ECU Test Adapter for Benz in

Benz ECU Test Adapter can work with following device:MB KEY OBD2 (SK194),VVDI Tool (SV30), NEC57(SK160, SK160-B), KTAG (SE80 series) and KESS V2 (SE87 series). As long as the ECU flashing tool supports CAN protocol and meanwhile supports these ECU types.

Support ECU Model:

Benz ECU Test Adapter connect kess v2:


Benz ECU Test Adapter connect vvdi2:


Benz ECU Test Adapter connect VVDI:


Package including:
2pc x Benz ECU cable
1pc x CR3.XX Adaptor
1pc x CR4.XX Adaptor
1pc x CR5 Adaptor
1pc x SIM271DE2.0/CR6/CR60.XX Adaptor
1pc x SIM4LKE Adaptor
1pc x SIM271KE2.0 Adaptor
1pc x CRD.11 Adaptor
1pc x CRD2.XX Adaptor
1pc x ME9.7 Adaptor
1pc x MED17.7.X Adaptor
1pc x SIM266 Adaptor


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Free download SKP900 v4.2 update bin file & update tool v2.4

How to update your SKP900 key programmer to the latest version 4.2? Free download SKP-900 4.2 software and update tool to begin your update here!

Free download
SKP900 V4.2 software:
Skp900 update tool v2.4:
Skp900 usb driver:

SKP900 v4.2 update plan:
1- DODGE RAM-1500 Smart Key Program
2- BUICK Excelle Remote Key Program 2015-
3- HUMMER H3 Remote Program
4- Chevrolet SAIL Remote Program 2015-
5- MAZDA CX-5 Add Smart Key Program
6- BUICK ENVISION Smart Key Program
7- TOYOTA Replace the new immo box Program
8- VW POLO Remote Program 2015-
9- Fiat Bravo Remote Key Program
10- Audi A4 Remote Program

How to update SKP900 key programmer to v4.2?
Connect skp900 to the laptop using a USB cable
Run the update tool, click OPEN to upen update bin file

Click Auto Scan Port to setup the COM port
Click UPDATE to start update

Updating for nearly 37 minutes
Don’t disconnect SKP900 when updating

Update success!

SKP900 v4.2 is ready for use.


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Latest XTOOL EZ500 HD Heavy Duty Diagnosis System only €1,925

XTOOL EZ500 HD is a high-end and new style auto diagnostic device developed by XTOOL,Its open source Android operating system provides fast boot-up and multitasking,EZ500 HD provides extensive vehicle coverage for most US, Asian and European makes.

Why to buy XTOOL EZ500 HD:
1. Easy registration with EZ500 HD connected to WIFI
2. One-click software update via WIFI
3. Remote access,Record and playback live data
4. Diagnosis reports in PDF file
5. 8.0 inch multi-touch screen,On-board battery
6. Extensive vehicle coverage for most US, Asian and European vehicle makes

Special Function:
Service reset
DPF & ADBlue reset
injector coding
cylinder cutoff
fuel pump calibration
ERG learning
learned value reset
maximum vehicle speed setting
limited hand throttle

Front View of EZ500 HD Tablet

XTOOL EZ500 HD-1.jpg
Back View of EZ500 HD Tablet

XTOOL EZ500 HD-2.jpg
Top View of EZ500 HD Tablet
① DC Charging Interface: Battery charge, DC 12V.
② DB15 Interface: Directly connect with truck to establish wire connection.
③ USB Type C Interface: Compatible with HDMI TV; Transfer audio and video simultaneously
④ Power Button

XTOOL EZ500 HD-3.jpg
Side View of EZ500 HD Tablet
① Headphone Jack
② TF Card Slot
③ Mini HDMI Port

XTOOL EZ500 HD-4.jpg
EZ500 HD diagram of despiece

XTOOL EZ500 HD-5.jpg
Easy registration with EZ500 HD connected to WIFI. Don’t bother to use PC for registration

XTOOL EZ500 HD-6.jpg
Connect to the vehicle directly with cable
① EZ500 HD Mainframe
② Main Test Cable
③ OBD2 16pin Connector
④ OBD 6+9 Pin Connector or other connectors
⑤ Vehicle

XTOOL EZ500 HD-7.jpg
One-click update via WIFI. Get the latest software whenever you want! Never miss the update with pop-up update reminder!

XTOOL EZ500 HD-8.jpg
Remote access, which is perfect for training, demonstration and even remote diagnosis.

XTOOL EZ500 HD-9.jpg

XTOOL EZ500 HD-10.jpg
Full System Diagnosis: Engine, ABS, ACM, CDS, COM, SRS, etc.

XTOOL EZ500 HD-11.jpg
Basic Function: read fault codes, clear fault codes, live data, actuation, active test

XTOOL EZ500 HD-12.jpg

XTOOL EZ500 HD-13.jpg

XTOOL EZ500 HD Specifications:
Operating System: Android 4.4.4
Memory: 1GB RAM,16GB Flash
CPU: Quad Core, 1.6GHz
Display: 8.0 Inch IPS 10-Point Multi-touch Screen with 1024×600P Resolution
Sensors: Gravity Sensor, Light Sensor
Input/Output: Microphone, Dual Speakers, 3.5 mm headset jack, Mini HDMI Port, DC5.5, TF Card Port
Battery: 4000mAh, 7.4V
Wi-Fi: WIFI 2.4Ghz
Power Voltage: 12V
Power Consumption: 29.6W
Operating Temperature: -20 to 50℃(-4 to 126℉)
Humidity: <90%
Dimension: (L*W*H): 240*177*30mm

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