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XHORSE MVCI 3 IN 1 HONDA HDS software Installation Guide

Original XHORSE MVCI 3 IN 1 TOYOTA TIS+HONDA HDS+VOLVO DICE is a high perfomance factory diagnose tool for TOYOTA TIS,here is HONDA HDS software Installation Guide for XHORSE MVCI 3 IN 1.

Main steps:
1.Install HONDA HDS
2.Install MVCI Driver

Below is a detailed instructions for software Installation step by step:
1. Install HONDA HDS
Double-click Setup to start installation

Install HONDA HDS-1.jpg
Click Next
Click Yes
Select USA, then Click Next

Install HONDA HDS-2.jpg
Select GNA600, then Click Next

Install HONDA HDS-3.jpg
Click OK

Install HONDA HDS-4.jpg
Click Finish

Install HONDA HDS-5.jpg

2. Install MVCI Driver
Click Next

Install MVCI Driver-6.jpg
Select installation folder, then click Next

Install MVCI Driver-7.jpg
Click Install to begin installation

Install MVCI Driver-8.jpg

Select Continue Anyway

Install MVCI Driver-9.jpg
Click Finish to exit installation

Install MVCI Driver-10.jpg
Q: After install MVCI HDS Program on Windows XP, it can read the DTC code, but it fails to clear DTC.
A:There are 3 possible reasons cause this problem:
1) There is a poor contact between the USB interface and the computer. Check your connection.
2) MVCI HDS driver is not successfully installed. See our video and check your driver installation.
3) MVCI doesn’t work with your car model.

Q: I installed MVCI HDS software, and the green light flashes, the MVCI is activated, then I click the "select car model" button, MVCI starts to test, then proceed to the window of mileage and car model selection, I go on enter the list of subsystem and choose the subsystem, no response, all the PGM light, ABS light and SRS light flash, but Honda software prompts "No communication, please check whether the key is insert or MVCI is connected"
A: you can enter into the list of subsystem, it means MVCI can work, but it has no response after select the subsystem, it means MVCI can't work with this car model, advice you select the other car model to diagnose or advice you use Honda HDS, GNA600 to diagnose Honda, HDS and GNA600 is best Honda diagnostic tool.

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Renew Benz EIS and replace Benz ESL with VVDI MB BGA Tool?

In general, Benz electric steering locks (ESL) are used with EIS W204/ W207/ W212. ESL is damaged in high frequency. In this case, there are two possible reasons and solutions:

If the ESL motor is damaged, replace a new motor.
If the NEC chip of ESL is locked, renew EIS then replace ESL.

How to tell if the ESL motor is damaged or NEC chip is locked?

Open VVDI MB tool software. Click “Check ESL damage status”.

1.If it shows ESL works normally, generally it means the EIS motor is damaged and you need a new one.
Replace a new motor, what need to buy?

OEM MB ESL motor+ MB ESL dowel pin+ MB EIS removal tool

2.If it shows that ESL is damaged, then replace ESL.
This new ESL/ ELV emulator is recommended for your replacement:

How to replace ESL with VVDI MB Tool?
To replace ESL, you need renew EIS at first, then re-write EIS and personalize ESL, in this way ESL is synchronized. To renew EIS, both key password and erase password are required.

Note: if you do not renew ESL first, but only personalize ESL, the ESL won’t be synchronized.

Get key password. You can increase key to get it.
Use VVDI MB NEC Key Adaptor to work with VVDI MB Tool to get key password.

Get erase password. In general, we can get the password directly with VVDI MB tool online calculation from server.
After input the two passwords choose “Infrared” as EIS communication way, then click “save EIS data”, Click “Renew EIS”.

Now the EIS is full new, click “load EIS data”, click “Infrared” as communication way to enter new EIS data.
Click “OBD” as communication way to enter VIN.

Step3. Click “Personalize W204 ESL”

After above steps, all EIS and ESL status checkboxes will be tick except the “Activated” checkbox. Insert the original car key hen EIS and ESL is activated. Now you use VVDI MB Tool to renew ESL successfully.

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Latest Released ECU Test Adapter for Benz in

Benz ECU Test Adapter can work with following device:MB KEY OBD2 (SK194),VVDI Tool (SV30), NEC57(SK160, SK160-B), KTAG (SE80 series) and KESS V2 (SE87 series). As long as the ECU flashing tool supports CAN protocol and meanwhile supports these ECU types.

Support ECU Model:

Benz ECU Test Adapter connect kess v2:


Benz ECU Test Adapter connect vvdi2:


Benz ECU Test Adapter connect VVDI:


Package including:
2pc x Benz ECU cable
1pc x CR3.XX Adaptor
1pc x CR4.XX Adaptor
1pc x CR5 Adaptor
1pc x SIM271DE2.0/CR6/CR60.XX Adaptor
1pc x SIM4LKE Adaptor
1pc x SIM271KE2.0 Adaptor
1pc x CRD.11 Adaptor
1pc x CRD2.XX Adaptor
1pc x ME9.7 Adaptor
1pc x MED17.7.X Adaptor
1pc x SIM266 Adaptor


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