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How to update OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 software online?

OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 key master features with the immobiliser key programming function of SKP900,as well as new function e.g. Odometer adjustment, EEPROM/PIC and OBDII.

OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 software-0.jpg

OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 software Via official website online, free update for 1 year,, after one year, the cost is 250USD.Here is the instruction on X300 Pro3 software upgrade.

Update Tool software installation
Download the update tool and diagnostic software on, double click,then go to the next step:
Step 1:Click “Next”

OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 software-1.jpg
Step 2: Click “Next

OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 software-2.jpg
Step 3: Click “Next”

OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 software-3.jpg
Step 4: Click “Finish”

OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 software-4.jpg
Software Updating

After Update Tool installation completed, click the Update Tool software icon on desktop to start the update tools. Operation steps as following:

Step 1:Open update tool

OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 software-5.jpg
Step 2: Click the source menu, choose the program you want to update, click it and confirm

OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 software-6.jpg
Step 3: Click and select all the software then click “update”
Step 4: Wait for several minutes then the updating finished

OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 software-7.jpg
For new update software and questions during updating, please contact us:

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OBDSTAR X300M adjust odometer via OBD only €235

OBDSTAR Company newly developed one new odometer adjustment device to work the same as X100 pro D type (mainly used to adjust odometer), besides it will cover more car makes and models, this device is OBDSTAR X300M odometer adjustment tool. X300M adjusts odometer for a wide range of world-wide car makers and all are done via OBD without welding skills.

OBDSTAR X300M odometer adjustment tool surpass the other similar tools at the following aspects:
1.Manufacture: It is developed by OBDSTAR Company which is very popular worldwide because of its powerful function and good quality.
2.Update online: It can upgrade at OBDSTAR website and one free one year available. The package contains one SD card and card reader for update.
Quality: The main unit system adopts ARM high speed chip to keep it running fast, stable and anti-jamming.

4.Worth the money: It is cheap as low as €235 +shipping cost, more importantly, it covers a multiple section of car makes like D3, DP3. You may want prove what I said here:

5.Adjust mileage via OBD socket without welding, which easy to operate for most technicians.

OBDSTAR X300M basic inform compared with X100 pro D type
Language: English available only now, more language will be tested. While, X100 pro D type is Multilanguage available including English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Testable car models:
Please be informed that X300M can cover more car models than X100 pro D type, for the specific testable car models X300M work with, browse official site
Generally speaking, OBDSTAR X300M mainly cover following car makes: AUDI/VW/SKODA/SEAT, BENTLEY, BENZ, BESTURN,


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CBAY Handy Baby V6.0 update and download

CBAY Handy Baby Version 6.0.0 has released, you can download the client.rar from the post and upgrade your device to the latest version.

CBAY Handy Baby V6.0 update-0.png
Free download Handy-baby V6.0 software:

Handy baby version V6.0.0 update features:
Copy ID64(4E)

Support decode ID4D online when fail decode

Increase the success rate in decoding Toyota 72G

Support identify Hitag of Volkswagen key

Identify ID47(Hitag 3) in different car models in details

Identify ID49(Hitag Pro) in different car models in details

Change the back button to power button

Fix bugs of match fail for generating ID46

Fix bugs known

How to update CBAY Handy Baby Handheld Key Programmer to v6.0.0
1. Download an application file

CBAY Handy Baby V6.0 update-1.png
2. Download serial driver

CBAY Handy Baby V6.0 update-2.png
3. Right-click on My Computer

CBAY Handy Baby V6.0 update-3.png
4. Find the device management CP210xUSP

CBAY Handy Baby V6.0 update-4.png

CBAY Handy Baby V6.0 update-5.png
Click OK

5. Install the software driver upgrade

CBAY Handy Baby V6.0 update-6.png
6. Then open the client

CBAY Handy Baby V6.0 update-7.png

CBAY Handy Baby V6.0 update-8.png
7. Click the firmware upgrade, follow the prompts

CBAY Handy Baby V6.0 update-9.png

CBAY Handy Baby V6.0 update-10.png

CBAY Handy Baby V6.0 update-11.png

CBAY Handy Baby V6.0 update-12.png
8. The upgrade is complete!

Handy-Baby V6.0 update warning!
1.Close anti-virus software before upgrade;
2.For those with software 5.20 version earlier, please update to v5.20 first, then update to v6.0.0;
3.For those with 6.0.T public beta version, please do not enter “Version Info”;
4.Do not disconnect the data cable until the program prompts “Update success”.

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