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Multilanguage BMW Electronic Parts Catalog ETK V3.1.30 2016.04

BMW Electronic Parts Catalog ETK V3.1.30 04/2016 is tested ok and work with 2016 year BMW, and newly released at
BMW Electronic Parts Catalog ETK V3.1.30 04/2016 all details and installation procedure will be included in the following parts.

First part: BMW ETK V3.1.30 all details
1.BMW Electronic Parts Catalog ETK is used for:
Original Spare Parts Catalog BMW ETK contains the information on spare parts and accessories of machines and motorcycles for all regions, since 1932 (machine) and since 1948 (motorcycles).

2.BMW Electronic Parts Catalog ETK version history and development:
In version 08.2001 cosmetic changes of the interface are made and the information on antiquarian automobiles and motorcycles (probably for collectors) is added.
Since version BMW ETK 07.2001 (the version of the program 4.0) in the program has been added the new machine, MINI R50, a retort on Alec Issigonisa's legendary It is established BMW ETK simply, the program is completely established on the winchester, borrows ~900Mb.

3.BMW Electronic Parts Catalog ETK is windows based:
Starting c versions BMW ETK 04.2000 (the version of the program 3.0) on CD is only the version under Windows.

4.Compatible Operation System: XP, win7, win8

Second part: BMW Electronic Parts Catalog ETK 3.1.30 2016.4 installation
First install Note: First install BMW ETK System Administrator all over again is automatically established, and already from it program BMW ETK, BMW TIS is established, etc. The Prices are established too from System Administrator, for this purpose the archive from a diskette containing two files, actually a price and a file a label is unpacked and rushes to a root of disk C, then the item " gets out To establish the price " and specify a way to files.
Then the program BMW ETK within 5-20 minutes depending on capacity of the machine loads the prices into the program, after the termination of loading of the prices these files can be removed.
Identification of the machine in the program is carried out on the last to 7 signs VIN of number, all other signs at BMW do not bear what information, except for the data of the manufacturer.

2.Step-by-step installation procedure:
Open the CD and copy "ETK_04_2016" compressed file to D: and then unzip it.

DAEMON Tools lite
1) Click "DAEMON Tools lite" at the desktop. Then at the blank area right click "Add image" and select D:ETK_04_2016.


2) Right click "ETK_04_2016" and select "Mount".


3) ETK Information - Microsoft Internet Explorer automatically open, and this message display, just click "No".

not show this message-03.jpg

etk information 04-2016-04.jpg

4) Exit DAEMON Tools Lite.

1) Open F: and click "Setup" to install.


2) Choose BMW ETK language

bmw etk language-06.jpg

bmw etk language-07.jpg

3) Click next and it will automatically take you to the following steps. Please note the port selection as follows.

port selection-08.jpg

4) Properties USdealer. filename as follows.


Come to ETK Electronic parts catalogue installation
1) Market selection, select Europe

market selection-10.jpg

2) Dealer type, select both (Car dealer and Motorcycle dealer)

dealer type-11.jpg

3) Brand selection:
Install the Rolls-Royce brand, then install the Zinoro brand

4) Installation type
Choose "Reading in ETK user data that have already been saved.

Installation type-12.jpg

5) Transfer backup
Choose Path from F:ETK_04_2016, then click "Skip"

Transfer backup-13.jpg

6) Create new Company, input both Company and Associate ID, then click "Save", then

Create new Company-14.jpg

End of procedure, exit.

Then pop up a window "Select CD-Rom drive", click "Ok" to select "ETK_04_2016(F:)

Then Admin Tool window pops up saying please wait, the parts data (Publication data) are being loaded. This may take several minutes.

The parts data (Publication data) have been read in successfully.

Open ETK(Lokal)
This is the newest ETK 3.1.30 user interface

ETK 3.1.30-15.jpg

Open ETK Admin
The toolbar include: Data, Log files, Extras, communication and help.
Take the drop list of DATA for example, it includes: Load publication data, load prices, save other data, load other data.

data type-16.jpg


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Three ways to Register Autel Maxidas DS708

Autel MaxiDAS DS708 is multi-functions diagnostic scanner tool in auto diagnostic obd center. Maxidas ds708 obd2 scanner can be by three ways to Register Autel Maxidas DS708,the following is a detailed description.

The first way : Use computer to register on

Open Autel MaxiDAS DS708 scanner and find out the Product Serial No. and Register Password in System/Help > about function.

Autel MaxiDAS DS708 scanner-1.jpg
Visit and register with the serial number and password from DS708 scanner.

Autel MaxiDAS DS708 scanner-2.jpg

The second way: register on the scan tool

The first time you start the scan tool, it will pop up a message box to advise user to register your tool, showing as follow. This message will display 30 seconds each time you power the tool up until properly

Autel MaxiDAS DS708 scanner-3.jpg
NOTE: No update can be carried out before the tool is registered. If Update is selected, the update screen will show as follow:

Autel MaxiDAS DS708 scanner-4.jpg
1. Click on Register button in the popup MessageBox and activate Register Wizard.

Autel MaxiDAS DS708 scanner-5.jpg
2. Click on Next to start registration. The scan tool will automatically connect to Autel Server. Follow the steps in “A. Register on Internet” to register your tool on Internet.

3. When you finished the registration on Internet, click on Complete in the Register Wizard.

Autel MaxiDAS DS708 scanner-6.jpg
4. Then click on Close in the Register Wizard to shut down the program.

Autel MaxiDAS DS708 scanner-7.jpg
5. Restart the scan tool to finish registration procedure.

The third way: Register on computer
You may register the scan tool by two softwares.

1. DS708 Register Wizard
Insert the SD card into your computer and run the DS708 Register Wizard. Follow the step2 to step4 in “the second way. Register on the scan tool” to complete registration to SD card.
Put the SD card back to the scan tool and restart it to finish registration procedure.

2. DS708 Update
Insert the SD card into your computer and run the DS708 Update. There
is a Register option in the log-in window.

Autel MaxiDAS DS708 scanner-8.jpg
When click on it, it
will automatically link to DS708 Register Wizard. Follow the step2 to step4 in “B. Register on the scan tool” to complete registration to SD card.
Put the SD card back to the scan tool and restart it to finish registration procedure.


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VXDIAG Subaru SSM 01.2015 Free Download and Setup Instruction

Recently, a part of users feedback VXDIAG Subaru SSM 10.2015 is not working, the error message is shown as follows:

fail to use-pic1.jpg

vcx plus-pic2.jpg

The solution is to uninstall VXDIAG Subaru SSM 10.2015 and reinstall VXDIAG Subaru SSM 01.2015.

VXDIAG SUBARU SSM III V2015.1 Free Download:
Subaru_01_2015.rar 712.2 MB!5YcnXBiC!ipnGmoe1i5ZJZxxr04sXn08TxH7cE-...


OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1

Video demo:

Setup instruction in text file:
Open "My Computer", open CD-Rom, open "SSMIII Software October 2013 Ver. Full", click "Setup" and then accept the terms to install.
Click "1. Install diagnosis software to computer"

install diagnosis software to computer-02(01).jpg

install diagnosis software to computer-02.jpg

PC application installation was successful.

Get following prompt, click "Ok"


Click "Quit installation"

quit installation-04.jpg

Back to the CD files, open folder "Patch_for_SSM3_10_2013", right click the patch to open it. Then after SSMIII 10_2013 update success, click OK to end process.



Now, browse, download newest vxdiag driver.

vx manager new download-07.jpg
Save this newest Vxdiag driver file to the local disk. Extract it and open it, it displays as"VX Manager".

Install VX Manager Setup Wizard, after go over the third step, connect device to the computer and the Subaru vehicle. Complete install "Found new hardware"

vcx sdk driver install-08.jpg

Open the icon "Vx Manager", click option "Information" and select the icon "License" at the right button corner of "Information" to get it updated.

vx manager-09.jpg

vx manager-10.jpg
Then click the option "License" at the left side to find out the Passthru and Subaru are available.

license has been updated-11.jpg

Then click "Diagnostic APP" and select "Downloading"

diagnostic app-12.jpg

Click "Run"

click run-13.jpg

Come to Main Menu

main menu-14.jpg

Click "Tool" to do some settings. eg. Language.


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