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Truck Version KESS V2 v4.036 and V4.024,which the better?

OBD2EXPRESS have released two types of Kess v2 truck version firmware 4.036 and kess v2 fw 4.024,Here is a comparison of the two Kess v2 truck ECU tuning.

KESS V2 Firmware v4.036 vs.V4.024:

Item No se87-ck se87-k
Product Kess v2 v4.036 ksuite v2.22 for TRUCK Kess V2 v4.024 Ksuite v2.22 for TRUCK

kess v2 4.036.png


kess v2 4.024.png

price €118 €92.50
language English/German/ Spanish/ Italian/ Portuguese/ French
software Ksuite V2.22/ V2.08 (V2.22 version can not connect internet, V2.08 can works with internet) Ksuite V2.22
Firmware v4.036 v4.024

1. Check of the battery voltage in real-time

2. Full Recovery function in case of problems

3. Automatic correction of the Checksum, (where available)

4 Boot-Loader mode supported

5. Management of the programming counters

6. ScanTool function to remove DTC

7. Several options of reading/writing speed

8. Option to write full file/section of the map

9. Full integration with ECM Titanium

Tokens With 30 tokens,run token application in the CD to add tokens With 30 tokens,can replace KESS V2 CPU NXP Repair Chip to get another 30 tokens
Vehicles More Trucks,Motorcycle,Bike,Car Truck&car
Operating system Windows XP O.S. (suggested)

Comparison of the Supported Vehicle List of KESS V2 V3.099, V4.036 and V4.024

Kess v2 fw 4.036 (SE87-CK) can support more truck models than Kess v2 fw 4.024 (SE87-K),But for cars only, kess v2 (SE87-D) is good.

KESS V2 Connection Display:



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YanHua Digimaster 3 Updated to 1.8.1604.20

Original YanHua Digimaster III odometer correction master has newly update to 1.8.1604.20 in obdexpress.

Supports English
Update: Online
Digimaster 3 Version: 1.8.1604.20

New added car models for odometer adjustment,airbag resetting,writing Benz BE(NEC) key and VW Immo function.

New added car models for airbag resetting:
1 Mazda SA10-57-K30M1
2 Mazda SA11-57-K30M1
3 KIA Sportage R 95910-4T000

New added car models for odometer adjustment:
1 SSangYong Korando 93C66
2 Ford Focus 2010
3 Opel Astra DIAG 2009- (Only Available for Test user)
4 Benz(OBD) A Class W176
5 Benz(OBD) B Class W246
6 Benz(OBD) CLA Class W117
7 Benz(OBD) ML Class W166
8 Benz(OBD) SL Class R231
9 Benz(OBD) SLK Class R172
10 Volvo(OBD) XC60 2008-
11 Skoda(OBD) Superb 2008-
12 Ford(OBD) Mondeo 2008-
13 GM(OBD) Chevrolet Aveo (Only Available for Test user)
14 Audi(OBD) A1 -2013(Only Available for Test user)
15 Audi(OBD) Q3 -2013(Only Available for Test user)

New added Wiring diagram:
1 Meter system
-BMW 5 series F10/F11/F18(2010-) 5M48H/1N35H
-BMW 5 series GT F07 (2010-) 5M48H/1N35H
-BMW 6 series F12/F13(2011-) 5M48H/1N35H
-BMW 7 series F01/F02(2009-) 5M48H/1N35H
-BMW X3 F25(2011-) 5M48H/1N35H

2 Immo system (Super BDM adapter under Automatic Mode need to read EEPROM / Dflash data)
-BMW 1 series F20(2011-) 5M48H/1N35H
-BMW 5 series F10/F11/F18(2010-) 5M48H/1N35H
-BMW 5 series GT F07 (2010-) 5M48H/1N35H
-BMW 6 series F12/F13 (2011-) 5M48H/1N35H
-BMW 7 series F0X (2008-) 5M48H/1N35H
-BMW X1 (2010-) 5M48H/1N35H
-BMW X3 F25 (2011-) 5M48H/1N35H

New added function for VW immo:
1 Jetta 2010- Key learning
2 3th-generation Immo Key matching (CAN)
3 3th-generation Immo Romete Matching (CAN)
4 3th-generation Immo Read security code(KWP1281) System Type 1
5 3th-generation Immo Read security code(KWP1281) System Type 2
6 3th-generation Immo Keys matching(KWP1281)
7 3th-generation Immo Romete Matching(KWP1281)
8 3th-generation Immo Read security code(KWP2000)
9 3th-generation Immo Keys matching(KWP2000)

New added models for writing BEN BE(NEC) key:
1 S Class
2 CL Class
3 SL Class
4 E Class
5 CLK Class
6 CLS Class
7 C Class
8 V Class

How to update Digiomaster3 mileage programmer?

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Scania VCI3 SDP3 software installation error Solution

Complaints from a SDP3 user:
The Scania VCI3 SDP3 2.24 truck diagnostic software program popped up error after SDP3 installation.

Error message:
SDP3 was not closed correctly last time. Use this guide to create a defect report. Send the defect report to Scania to help Scania improve SDP3.

Scania VCI3 SDP3 2.24-1.jpg
enough information to create a defect report has now been collected. This information contains log files, any saved product information and other relevant data.

Click the button to create the defect report. Then send the report to Technical Support.

Scania VCI3 SDP3 2.24-2.jpg
This version of SDP3 has ceased to be valid. Install the latest version of Scania SDP3.

Scania VCI3 SDP3 2.24-3.jpg
Engineer suggestion:
1- Free download sdp3 2.24.rar

2- Try Windows 7 32 bit operating system we offered here

3- Install Scania VCI3 correctly:

– main steps:

Install Adobe Reader 9.2

Install .NET Framework4.5.1

Open installation instruction

Install SDP3 2.24.1

Install Sentiel Runtime

Add hardware in computer management

Confirm 2 .reg files

Run install.cmd
Copy new fix files

Installation complete and run SDP3 interface

SDP3 2.24 installation details:

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