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OEM Orange5 V1.34 driver installation guide

OEM Orange5 V1.34 released recently with full packet hardware and enhanced version software,with 24 adapter, can work on Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows XP, I will show you much details of it as follows.

Software version:V1.34, not support update
support Language: English, Russian
operating system:Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows XP

1.Orange5 is much lighter than Kess v2 or Ktag,so it is easy for operating and carring.
2.full packet hardware and enhanced version software,with 24 adapter.

Orange5 Software Licenses:
MTRK (Included in Orange-5 base)
TMS (Included in Orange-5 base)
Immo HPX 9V0

Here is the introduction on how to install OEM Orange5 V1.34.
Video guide:

Caution: Disable local and wireless network connection.

1.Open my computer_E:/orange 5/orange 5/software/orange 5 v1.34, copy orange 5 v1.34 on desktop.

2.Insert a new hardware wizard, select ‘install from a list...’, click next to browse folder for desktop/orange 5 v1.34/driver, then click finish to complete installation.

3.Right click my computer, press manage/device manager/Universal serial Bus controllers/ORANGES USB, next you will see ‘Unplug orange 5 USB cable then...’, then click ORANGES USB again, and exit.

4.Open orange 5 v1.34_orange 5 icon, click options_Hareware, then see a popup ‘programmer options’,click test to test hardware, lastly click two ok to finish test.


OEM-Orange5-V1.34-3.png right of ‘M’ icon to open ‘Select type’ window, choose configuration, group and chip, then click ‘R’ to read 93c66.


6.Open ‘Select Type’ again, choose chip and then click ok,next click ‘R’ to read 93LC56.


7. Open ‘Select Type’ and choose chip_93LC46, there is a hint ‘Do not choose the wrong chip’, click ok,go on clicking ‘R’ to read 93LC46. When ‘orange’ window pops up, click cancle, do it twice.


8.Click Select Type and choose chip 93LC66, click ok, then read it as before.

9.Save date into desktop/toyota1 folder, then click Erase on the right button, lastly click ‘R’ to read 93LC66. ’W’ to write 93LC66, then click ‘R’ to read it, next open folder toyota1 on desktop, click ‘W’ to write 93LC66, then click ‘R’ to read 93LC66

11.Click ‘Buffer’ _checksum on menu bar, open’CRC’ and check data, then click ‘Tools’_Pin Tester to check imformation.


12. Click ‘Tools’_Calculator to check imformation, then click ‘options’_language to choose English.

13.Sure, you can select other type_ configuration, group and chip to test as you expect.

I hope it is helpful to you! Thank you!

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v8/x6 key cutting machine user manual free download

Automatic V8/X6 Key Cutting Machine can make new keys without original key. Latest version,support keys for different car brands.

v8/x6 key cutting machine user manual

Language :English + Italian + Portuguese + Spanish / Turkish + English

V8/X6 key Cutting Machine user instruction display in pictures:

V8X6 key cutting machine 1.jpg

V8X6 key cutting machine 2.jpg

V8X6 key cutting machine 3.jpg


V8X6 key cutting machine 4.jpg

V8X6 key cutting machine 5.jpg

V8X6 key cutting machine 6.jpg

V8X6 key cutting machine 7.jpg

V8X6 key cutting machine 8.jpg

V8X6 key cutting machine 9.jpg

V8X6 key cutting machine 10.jpg

V8X6 key cutting machine 11.jpg

V8X6 key cutting machine 12.jpg

What situation you can make keys with this V8/X6 key cutter?
1) You have the original key and make a new key:
When you start this machine, you will see the menu, just follow the menu prompt to enter the number to read key teeth step by step. Then you will get the new key
2) You lost all keys.
When you lost all original keys, enter the appropriate number of head lock, then follow the menu prompt to make new key.
3) Mainly used have the key with keyless lost data with the key.

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Magic Wand 4C 4D Transponder Chip Gnerator User Manual

Magic Wand 4C 4D Transponder chip generator comes out, which not only generate 4D63, 83 40bit and 83 80bit chip but also is used to generate 4C chips original 4D70 blank Chip to 4D small capacity chips. Well, there is a detailed introduction of Magic Wand.

What is Magic Wand 4C 4D?
Power supply: Above 5v 1.5a usb charger, please charge the Magic Wand using Android phone USB cable.
PS: You had better not use the sub-standard power supply because it will influence the function of magic wand ,leading to the magic WAND’s wrong.


Ford/Mazda immobilizer chips are 3 types available:
1. 4D63 (40bit/DST40) small capacity.
2. 83 (40bit/ DST40) small capacity.
3. 83 (80bit/DST80) big capacity.

How to use Magic Wand?

a usages description of key button
This button is used for reading chip. After you put the chip into the slot, press “Read” button and get the reading result. If it doesn’t succeed to read, the red indicator will continue flashing. While after reading successfully it will display, chip ID and the green indicator will keep flashing. At this time it is ready to copy, take out the chip and substitute the special chip for Magic WAND, press “Write” button and complete copying, after that it will display chip ID ,at the same time the green indicator will continue flashing, if it fails to copy, the red indicator will keep flashing.

Write ( This button is used to generate and copy chip)
Generate Chip: Put the chip into the slot , press the chip ID you want to generate, press “Write” button to get the results, the green indicator will keep flashing and display chip ID. In contrast, if the red indictor flashes it means reading is finished, maybe you put an error chip or the chip doesn’t match with the device.
Copy: you need to read out the chip ID before to copy, after it read out successfully you will get the chip ID, just press “Write” to finish copying. While if the red indicator flashes it means the chip doesn’t match with the device.

NOTES:when you add the key, you have to put the Magic Wand close to the ignition coil and the key go through the hole of Magic Wand, then follow the key programmer prompt to finish.
1.Put the original 4D70 blank chip into the chip slot.
2.Press the No. buttons 8 and 3, then press “Write” button, the green indicator will flash and means copy successfully.
3.Put the chip back into the key shell, then take it to the car to add key work together with key programmer.


What is Magic Wand 4C 4D function?
1: transform original 4D transponder into special
2: Copy transponder (
4D Magic Wand is an progressive device for locksmith.
It not only work independently but work with handphone & computer.
Update constantly , work on special material.
It can settle many problems for locksmiths.
Magic Wand is needed by Beginner and exprienced locksmith.

Chip ID and the applicable car models
4C chip: old Toyota.  72G chip: Toyota G.  82G chip: Subaru G.  D68 chip: Daihatsu.  72DG: Daihatsu G. 60 chip: oldExcelle/ old Nissan/ old Mondeo. 61 chip: Mitsubishi. 62 chip: Subaru. 63 chip: Ford/Mazda. 64 chip: Chrysler/ Jeep. 65 chip: Suzuki. 66 chip: Suzuki. 67 chip: Toyota/Lexus. 68 chip: Toyota/Lexus. B9 chip Toyota Crown. 69 chip: Yamaha Motorcycle. 6A chip: Kawasaki Kawasaki. 6B chip: Suzuki Motorcycle.

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