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VXDIAG Subaru SSM 01.2015 Free Download and Setup Instruction

Recently, a part of users feedback VXDIAG Subaru SSM 10.2015 is not working, the error message is shown as follows:

fail to use-pic1.jpg

vcx plus-pic2.jpg

The solution is to uninstall VXDIAG Subaru SSM 10.2015 and reinstall VXDIAG Subaru SSM 01.2015.

VXDIAG SUBARU SSM III V2015.1 Free Download:
Subaru_01_2015.rar 712.2 MB!5YcnXBiC!ipnGmoe1i5ZJZxxr04sXn08TxH7cE-...


OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1

Video demo:

Setup instruction in text file:
Open "My Computer", open CD-Rom, open "SSMIII Software October 2013 Ver. Full", click "Setup" and then accept the terms to install.
Click "1. Install diagnosis software to computer"

install diagnosis software to computer-02(01).jpg

install diagnosis software to computer-02.jpg

PC application installation was successful.

Get following prompt, click "Ok"


Click "Quit installation"

quit installation-04.jpg

Back to the CD files, open folder "Patch_for_SSM3_10_2013", right click the patch to open it. Then after SSMIII 10_2013 update success, click OK to end process.



Now, browse, download newest vxdiag driver.

vx manager new download-07.jpg
Save this newest Vxdiag driver file to the local disk. Extract it and open it, it displays as"VX Manager".

Install VX Manager Setup Wizard, after go over the third step, connect device to the computer and the Subaru vehicle. Complete install "Found new hardware"

vcx sdk driver install-08.jpg

Open the icon "Vx Manager", click option "Information" and select the icon "License" at the right button corner of "Information" to get it updated.

vx manager-09.jpg

vx manager-10.jpg
Then click the option "License" at the left side to find out the Passthru and Subaru are available.

license has been updated-11.jpg

Then click "Diagnostic APP" and select "Downloading"

diagnostic app-12.jpg

Click "Run"

click run-13.jpg

Come to Main Menu

main menu-14.jpg

Click "Tool" to do some settings. eg. Language.


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How to do Mercedes W221 W204 all key lost with VVDI MB BGA Tool

Two successful case of doing all key lost for Mercedes-Benz W221 and W204!! With Mercedes key programmer VVDI BGA tool.

Case 1- add key lost for W221
- I bought EIS W221 lock with a key from the lock from one machine. I have read the PSW. I will make a complete loss of W221 key in the future?
- you have uesedd/ 2nd-hand EIS with working key,you can do like this for W221 all key lost all key lost EIS data-> save EIS data used EIS data enter password,get erase password->renew used EIS.
3.load step1 EIS data to renewed EIS with password->write EIS data
4.load EIS data(with key password)->prepare key file
5.input new key to device IR reader->load key file->write
6.insert new key to EIS->EIS will learn the new key->key learn success

by the way, if your all key lost W221 is motorola EIS,not need to change EIS, remove eis get eeprom by programmer (VVDI PROG).
then load eeprom to VVDI MB TOOL prepare key file.

Case 2- add key lost for W204
-I have a w204 All key lost and i program a new EIS with VVDI, the ignition doesn't come on or crank, but the steering can lock and unlock. can someone guide me what to do?
- about W204 all key lost(change new EIS), refer to following steps,maybe helpful:
1.Read EIS data via obd,then Save EIS data
2.adapt ESL:Read ESL data->Get Erase Password->Renew ESL
3.Change new EIS, Load EIS data(step1)->write Key Password(enter manually and at random)->Write EIS data
4.Personalize W204 ESL
5.Load EIS data(with Key Password)->Prepare Key File
6.Input new Key to device IR reader->Load Key file->write
7.Insert new Key to EIS->EIS will learn the new key->key learn success

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How to use OBDSTAR F100 program smart keys on Mazda CX5

OBDSTAR has now released OBDSTAR F100 Auto Key Programmer for Mazda and Ford,Here is the instruction about how to program smart keys on Mazda CX5.

Basic infor of OBDSTAR F100
2)Operating Voltage: DC12V~18V
3)Operating Temperature: -20-60℃
4)Function: program Auto Keys and Smart Keys for Mazda and Ford,odometer adjustmentfor part of Mazda/Ford/Jaguar/Land Rover
5)Vehicle: Mazda and Ford (including the newest version of Mazda CX-3,CX-5,Mazda 2/3/6)
6)Special: no need pin code,Update online

Vehicle model:Mazda CX5

Two keys
F100 Mazda/Ford auto key programmer

Video Guide:
OBDSTAR F100 F-100 program key for Mazda CX 5

(Notice: there are two selections ENT and ESC at the bottom of the F100. Press ENT means to continue,and press ESC means to return.)

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