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VVDI MB BGA TOOL latest version V2.0.6 free download

Original Xhorse V2.0.6 VVDI MB BGA Tool is used for key reading and writing,EIS tools,password calculation,key file preparing,ESL tools,ECU/Gearbox renew and many special functions.

Software: V2.0.6
Firmware: V2.0.6
Attention: For software which is older than V2.0.6, you need to update device to firmware v2.0.6, software v2.0.6. Tower version don't support password calculation

VVDI MB TOOL 2.0.6 software download link!CpoyjQzD!yDUD-GGwARcd3l2kIaM_705Eh-2ob4...

VVDI MB BGA TOOL V2.0.6 (2016-1-16)
*** Require firmware V2.0.6
************************************************** **********************
===== BENZ V2.0.6 =====
1. Attention: All user update device to firmware v2.0.6, software v2.0.6, the lower version dont support password calculation
2. User manual v1.1 released, overview v1.2 released
3. Add support for disable key
4. Fix bug for test W164, W221 EIS status
5. Fix bug for write EIS data
6. Bugfix

VVDI MB BGA tool software display:



VVDI Benz BGA tool Feedback:
1. I tested password from 212 new model super,good tool, need to pay 2 tokens ,it will take 10 min all ok .

2. Do you have see video of this tool? They say can do all key lost on w212. No tool can do it even Mehaco or nec pro51.
w212 eis on video, sure it can.. mehaco/mercedesinstrument can do all keys lost on w212.. the option is availible a few months.

3. Q:i tes read data with obd2 210 k line working and 204 car read with obd 2
but 211 not read with obd2 cable connect
16 12v
4+5 GND
14 CAN_L
pin 1 : ESL 1
pin 2 : GND
pin 3 : +12V (30)
pin 5 : CAN L (White)
pin 6 : CAN H (Green)
pin 7 : CAN L
pin 8 : CAN H
A:Read eis via obd for W164, W169, W211, W209, require gateway connected

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V2.08/V2.15 Truck Version KESS V2 Firmware V4.024 Released

V2.08/V2.15 Truck Version KESS V2 Firmware V4.024 Manager Tuning Kit Master Version newly released in

Software version: V2.15/V2.08(V2.08 can be used with internet, V2.15 can not use internet)

Hardware version: V4.024

Multi-Language: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French

It comes with about 30 tokens. When token run over, you need to buy new token chips for KESS V2 Truck version item number SO242-C. This chips has already programed with tokens program. You can directly replace this chip to the old one and use. No need to use J-LINK8 to add tokens again.

Other KESS V2 is not good at trucks. This one is the truck spelized version. Compared with others, new adds a lot ECUs for trucks.
Click here to know KESS V2 truck supported list and comparison with other KESS


Truck Version KESS V2 V4.024 Display:




Tips on using Truck version Kess V2:
1.When you using V2.15 KESS V2, please make sure your computer do not have internet. This is very important, connect to internet may damage the hardware and can not repair in your side, you must send back to us for repair.
2. We recommend you use V2.08 software. And must use the V2.08 software we provide, not download from internet.
3. Truck Version Kess V2 SW V2.08 FW V4.024 supportS more Cars/Trucks models and workS more stable than other version of Kess v2 does.

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BMW Turbo Decoder HU92 User Manual

This is a user manual for BMW Turbo Decoder HU92 at obdexpress.

hu92 decoder-0.jpg
How to use Turbo Decoder HU92 for BMW
Open the gate (pull it out) before you start working with HU92 decoder

hu92 decoder-1.jpg
The Turbo wheel (last wheel) must be all the way to the LEFT

hu92 decoder-2.jpg
Reset all 8 pins to position 0, 4pins on each side of the tool
(that is, push the pins all the way DOWN)

hu92 decoder-3.jpg
Resetting complete

hu92 decoder-4.jpg
Every time you insert the tool in the lock or pull it out of the lock, the gate must be closed (PUSH IT IN) and the Turbo wheel must be RIGHT
Open the gate (pull it out), push the Tension wheel only to LEFT when insert the tool

hu92 decoder-5.jpg

NOTE: when there is NO tension in the Turbo wheel, it means that the tool is not inserte correctly. Please close the gate (push it in), turn the tool around and open the gate. Then also push the Tension wheel only to LEFT.
Start “pumping” by turning the Turbo wheel all the way to the LEFT & releasing the Tension wheel
Repeat the procedure above
It is unlocked

hu92 decoder-6.jpg
Close the gate, turn the Turbo wheel to the RIGHT and then put it out.

hu92 decoder-7.jpg

BMW models supported:
E81 2007-2011
E82 2007-2013
E87 2004-2011
E88 2007-2014
E46 2000-2004
E90 2005-2011
E92 2007-2012
E93 2007-2013
E39 late models
E60 2003-2010
E63 2003-2010
E64 2003-2010
E38 late models
E65 2001-2008
E66 2001-2008
E67 2001-2008
E68 2001-2008
E84 2009-2011
E53 late models
E70 2006-2013
E71 2008-2014
Z3/M Z9
E36 late models
E38 late models
Z4/M Z4
E85 2003-2008
E89 2009-2011
Some Range Rover also ok

Customer Feedback on Turbo Decoder HU92 
HU92 open BMW E92

BMW E93 (HU92)-8.jpg
Decoder HU92 open Range Rover

Range Rover HU92-9.jpg

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