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BMW Turbo Decoder HU92 User Manual

This is a user manual for BMW Turbo Decoder HU92 at obdexpress.

hu92 decoder-0.jpg
How to use Turbo Decoder HU92 for BMW
Open the gate (pull it out) before you start working with HU92 decoder

hu92 decoder-1.jpg
The Turbo wheel (last wheel) must be all the way to the LEFT

hu92 decoder-2.jpg
Reset all 8 pins to position 0, 4pins on each side of the tool
(that is, push the pins all the way DOWN)

hu92 decoder-3.jpg
Resetting complete

hu92 decoder-4.jpg
Every time you insert the tool in the lock or pull it out of the lock, the gate must be closed (PUSH IT IN) and the Turbo wheel must be RIGHT
Open the gate (pull it out), push the Tension wheel only to LEFT when insert the tool

hu92 decoder-5.jpg

NOTE: when there is NO tension in the Turbo wheel, it means that the tool is not inserte correctly. Please close the gate (push it in), turn the tool around and open the gate. Then also push the Tension wheel only to LEFT.
Start “pumping” by turning the Turbo wheel all the way to the LEFT & releasing the Tension wheel
Repeat the procedure above
It is unlocked

hu92 decoder-6.jpg
Close the gate, turn the Turbo wheel to the RIGHT and then put it out.

hu92 decoder-7.jpg

BMW models supported:
E81 2007-2011
E82 2007-2013
E87 2004-2011
E88 2007-2014
E46 2000-2004
E90 2005-2011
E92 2007-2012
E93 2007-2013
E39 late models
E60 2003-2010
E63 2003-2010
E64 2003-2010
E38 late models
E65 2001-2008
E66 2001-2008
E67 2001-2008
E68 2001-2008
E84 2009-2011
E53 late models
E70 2006-2013
E71 2008-2014
Z3/M Z9
E36 late models
E38 late models
Z4/M Z4
E85 2003-2008
E89 2009-2011
Some Range Rover also ok

Customer Feedback on Turbo Decoder HU92 
HU92 open BMW E92

BMW E93 (HU92)-8.jpg
Decoder HU92 open Range Rover

Range Rover HU92-9.jpg

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How to solve BMW ICOM ISTA P cannot start error

BMW ICOM software includes Ista/p, Ista/d and Inpa three parts. Ista/p used for programming, Ista/d is used for diagnose.


Q: I now have issue with bmw icom HDD

Ista/p fails to start   (   Won’t run..

Ista/d is ok.  Working

Inpa is ok.   Working

How to fix this

A: After we log in the customer PC via Teamviwer, we fix this problem by this route:


C:Program Files (x86)BMWISPITRICISTATesterGUIbinReleaseISTAGUI.exe.comfig

change ISTAGUI.exe.config


change TaurusClient.exe

After done, Ista/p works normally


More information:


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How to tell if VCM is good or bad?

I've done some small research about China Town VCM's and want to share my findings with you.

This picture is original Main Dealer Rotunda VCM


As you can see all circuits are gold plated and good quality components, metal casing with no production date stickers etc. on it.


These are most popular VCM clones you can get on china market at the moment:

Type A



Top Quality Ford IDS or Super Ford VCM (dual PCB)


This kinds Ford VCM has the same PCB Design as the original, but has Tin/Lead plated printed circuit board and different components(capacitors, some chips).Comes with metal casing with production date stickers.

can be used on the original software of Ford VCM Ford IDS (need crack), comes with IDS V86, Jaguar & Land Rover: V136  

Suitable for programming on all makes, DPF regeneration/replacement, key coding and relatively safe. Should be no problem with firmware update.


Type B


Good Quality Ford IDS (dual PCB)


The PCB of this kind Ford VCM is little different design with the original. Tin/Lead plated printed circuit board, metal casing, production date stickers.

Can support Jaguar & Land Rover, and can also be used on the original software of Ford IDS (need crack) comes with V86, Jaguar & Land Rover: V136

Suitable for programming on all makes, DPF regeneration/replacement, key coding and relatively safe.


Type C




Medium Quality FLY version with red relays (dual PCB)


The PCB of this kind Ford VCM is different with the original. Can't be used with the original software of Ford VCM. Metal or plastic casing with production date stickers.

Works only with modified FLY soft and FLY crack(_VCM.bfc 617KB for Ford IDS and MAZDA, _VCM.bfc 1907KB for JLR ).Comes with software version: IDS V80 ,JLR V130,MAZDA V79 but most likely they are modified old versions (V75,V128???) not confirmed yet 


Comes with FLY Switch as well so all makes can be installed on same system, not recommended for Ford and Mazda(system conflicts).


Ford IDS, Mazda

Not suitable for module programming (can corrupt/lock PCM, TCM), may work with other modules but you using it on your own risk, should work with DPF, key coding, injector coding. They have a habit of re-flashing PCM when you choose Self Test option.



Need more info about programming and coding possibility???


Type C 




Low quality copy with SONY chip inside (dual PCB)


PCB different than original Rotunda VCM. Comes with V75, V128 original Ford VCM soft (need crack). Metal casing with prod. date stickers.

Not suitable for module programming, not safe in use, not recommended!!!






Dual red PCB,Single red PCB's, Single green PCB's etc. just forget about and stay away from that scrap!!!


And one more thing, USB<->VCM connection cable must have small "Real" chip inside for Ethernet connection.


Check on, there only the one at the moment selling HQ VCM clone.




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