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Xhorse Condor XC-MINI Plus Calibrate Clamp and Cutting

When do you need to calibrate the Xhorse Condor XC-Mini II? How to calibrate? These are the questions that must be considered before cutting keys.


When to calibrate Condor XC-Mini Plus?

1.After receiving a new machine or after using it for a period of time, recalibrate the machine to ensure the accuracy of the machine;

2.If you reset the distance between the probe and the milling cutter, all fixtures need to be recalibrated;

3.The values ​​of the machine may be different. After replacing the motherboard or upgrading the firmware, please re-execute the calibration process.


Note: Make sure to clean the fixture and keep the fixture clean no debris


How to calibrate?


-Adjust high level

Step 1: Open Condor XC-MINI Plus tablet

Enter main interface and click on 'Self Test'.


Step 2: Click on 'Height Level Adjustment


Step 3: Adjust the height of cutter and probe by following the tips on the screen, then click on 'Continue' to the step of adjustment


Step 4: After machine stopped, follow the screen tips to adjust the probe, let it at same height with cutter, then 'Continue'


Step 5: Select the correct diameter of cutter and confirm it



-Calibrate clamp

Step 1: Enter Condor XC-MINI II main interface

Select ' Self Test' -> 'Clamp Calibration'



Step 2: Select clamp M1 and proceed by following the tips on the screen


Step 3: Please put the HON66 key blank according to the screen, then tighten the clamp, click on 'Continue', calibration finished


Step 4: Enter clamp M2 calibration, rotate side A upward and do not put any keys on the clamp


Step 5: Follow the tips on the screen, rotate side B, C, D upward one by one to calibration until M2 clamp calibration finished



- Calibrate cutting

Step 1: Enter main interface

Click on 'Self Test'-> 'Cutting Calibration'



Step 2: Operate by following the tips and click on 'Continue'


Please kindly notice:

Please use new key blank, used HON66 will not working for cutting calibration

Step 3: Clean the cutter/probe/clamp cutting area by brush

Then click on 'Continue' and calibration has finished


That’s all! Hope it helps you!



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How to use CGDI BMW to Read N13/N20/N55 ISN without Dismantling DME?

There are two ways to read N13/N20/N55 ISN by CGDI prog BMW no need opening the DME shell.


Method 1: Use professional wiring harness

Method 2: Update CGDI prog BMW authorization


In detail…


Method 1: Use professional wiring harness

In order to test directly, here use the DME removed from BMW car. It’s very easy to use, only need to unplug the port from the car and connect the harness with DME.

The wiring harness cannot be mixed, only used in the corresponding model of DME.



Plug the wiring harness to the corresponding DME type

Then connect to CGDI BMW key programmer via OBD

Power on and keep the voltage stable (about 12V)


Open CGDI BMW software


Read/ Write N20 DME ISN- OK



Read/ Write N13 DME ISN- OK



Read/ Write N55 DME ISN- OK




Method 2: Update CGDI prog BMW authorization

If you don’t have the professional wiring cable, please get the authorization, which is easier to use. Only need 61.99 euro for updating authorization and send your CGDI BMW device serial number to distributor once paid, then you can enjoy the newest CGDI prog BMW MSV80 key programmer feature below:

A0000015   B48 B58 read ISN

A0000017   MSD80 / 81 /85 /87 MSV90 read ISN

A0000018   N13 / N20 / N55 /B38 read ISN

All the DME types above no need to open the shell when read ISN.


Available link to go:


Hope it helps you!




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How to activate and update Xtool x100 pad key programmer

XTOOL X-100 PAD is a professional key programmer which is good at key programming, mileage adjustment, oil service light reset etc. This article is available with the user manual including:


X100- PAD how to activate

X100- PAD how to set language

X100- PAD how to register

X100- PAD how to update

X100- PAD Customer Reviews


In detail…


X100- PAD how to activate:

Step 1: Activate X-100 PAD key programmer before you use it to test vehicles

Step 2: Input activation code, product serial number (each device will have a serial number and activation code), nickname (workshop’s name or user’s nickname), login account (can be your email address or cell phone number) and password, and then the system will save it.

Activation is a one- time process. The diagnostic application will start after activation.


X100- PAD how to set language:

Step 1: Select “SETTING”-> “LANGUAGE”

Step 2: Tick the required option from the multi-language options on the right



X100- PAD how to connect Bluetooth:

Step 1: Enter X-100 PAD APP main menu


Step 2: Find and pair the VCI serial number with the mainframe

Note: If it needs input the pairing password, you can input the last five numbers of the serial number. (e.g: 00005).


Step 3: Select the VCI serial number and X100 PAD will pair with it automatically when running X-100 PAD APP.



X100- PAD how to update:

X-100 PAD updates directly via the Internet using WiFi or wired connection.

Step 1: Enter the update application

Step 2: Open the X-100 PAD application and click “UPDATE”, shown below:



Xtool X100 PAD Customer Reviews:

Review 1: So far so good!

Awesome product works great haven’t had a problem yet. The case is sturdy very well built tool. So far does everything the maxisys does and use friendly as well.


Review 2: Excellent for key fob and ignition programming new keys…

A friend of mine bought this x-100 pad device,

I needed to program a key fob on my car, he programmed it with ease and without issue, i was impressed, so i also bought it as i am a car enthusiast, i have programmed a few keys and fobs to various cars, works awesome, plus many other features.... it has paid for itself already with the few projects i have done....


Review 3: Amazing product definitely worth the money

X100 pad works flawlessly could use a few improvements like on Chrysler’s, if it would use by type of rfh then it would do all instead of a few, it can’t really pull a pin code on a Chrysler dart but that’s not too much of a big deal, you can get the code from a dealer, but when it comes to Nissan, it pulls the code so easy and it gives the code to you without having to convert it. I love that feature I used it on a Chevy impala for lost keys, and it programmed it well. I messed up by not putting a jump box on, and the vehicle died, but it did program the keys before it died.



XTOOL X100 PAD car key programmer:


That’s all! Hope it helps!



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