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(Solved) Ktag V7.020 Car Protocols Gray Buttons

Offer working solution to Ktag 7.020 error " any car protocols its gray buttons", can't select or choose any cars . ktag v7.020 does communicate between laptop and ktag device and can select cars/trucks/....etc


It does have power.



Possible reason and solution:

  1. connect 12v adapter.


  1. The problem is in the SD CARD that is in the interface. I had the same problem and solved it. Programming the sd card for KTAG and KESS is a very difficult process that cannot be done by everyone. There are two options 1. that somebody who knows, do - can program a new sd card or other option to buy SD CARD.



  1. or the problem is with nxp.

Here is NXP chip sold in China.



Last but not least, ensure you have one good quality of Ktag clone. i.e SE135-B1 (73.39euro, red pcb), SE135-E (63.22euro, red pcb).



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CGDI Prog MB Program Mercedes-Benz W207 All Keys Lost

Purpose: To program a new key for Benz W207 (AKL) by CGDI prog MB.




EIS: Mercedes-Benz W207

Car key: Original Benz key, blank key

Device: CGDI Prog MB Mercedes-Benz key programmer


Firstly, check the original key can use or not

The original key cannot unlock the ELV


Plug the original key into CGDI prog MB


Read EIS- OK


Read ELV- OK


Read key- cannot read


Use the new key to read key data successfully



It indicates that the original key is broken.



Step 1: Calculate password

Step 2: Save EIS Data

Step 3: Generate Key File

Step 4: Read/write the key


Let’s go one by one.


Step 1: Calculate password 

Connect CGDI MB key programmer to EIS well

Plug the BE key into CGDI MB device


Click on “Compute Password”->“Copy key without key”-> “Collect Data”

Select “OBD Mode”, and press “OK”


Follow the prompt to remove the plug on ELV, and connect the OBD yellow line with K line on the ELV (K line is the thinnest cable on the ELV plug)



Then insert the simulated key into the EIS within 30 seconds, and click “OK”



It will take about 2 minutes to collect

Save the data collected


Save the file successfully. Please upload the data to calculate password



Step 2: Save EIS Data

Click on “Upload data”

Select the file just saved to upload


PASSWORD computing success

Click on “Query result”

Copy the key password to backup


Go to “EIS”-> “Save EIS Data”

Save the file successfully



Step 3: Generate Key File

Select “Generate Key File”->“Load EIS File”

Open the EIS data files saved

Remove the mark of key1 and key2

Then click on “Generate Key File”


The key file was generated successfully



Step 4: Read/write the key

Take out the original key from CGDI Prog MB

And plug the BE key

Select “Read/write Key”-> “Read key/Chip”

Read success


Click on “Reset”

Reset success!


Note: Smart key please choose 41 format, common key and BE key please choose 51 format!

When wiring the original key, please make sure that it is wiped by the CGMB, otherwise the write will fail!

Then click “OK”


Select one 51 format file to write data


CGDI MB key programmer write BE key success


Read the key again

The system shows the BE key is unused


Insert the BE key into EIS/ELV to learn automatically

It can use normally



Click on “Read Key/Chip” to read the key status again

The key is used now


Select “EIS” to read EIS data

The key3 added has been used


Result: CGDI MB Benz key programmer add new key to Mercedes-Benz W207 AKL success!




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Autel MaxiCOM MK908P Reviews

Autel MaxiCOM MK908P is an evolutionary smart solution for specialized automotive diagnosis. Here have collected some customer feedbacks. Hope can give you some advices.


Review 1: Has wide vehicle coverage

I have ever used MK908P scanner on Ford, Honda and VW etc. and there is nothing wrong, all works as described. It scans the car and knows exactly what you’re working with.  Highly recommend to the people looking for a diagnostic tool with wide vehicle coverage.


Review 2: This diagnostic tool works flawlessly

Absolutely a good scanner. This diagnostic tool works flawlessly. It’s well worth the cost. I run a service department at a new car dealership and it has helped us greatly with used car inventory and customers who bring us other make vehicles


Review 3: the best smart scan in the market now

This is a phenomenon, the best smart scan tool, I love it to bits, the updates are free, easy to download, well done Autel, I can’t believe how easy it is to use….

I highly recommend this to anyone who is a serious Tech …

I used it on a Mercedes W211 E320 …and pulled 37 modules just like that ….unbelievable ! !!!!!


Review 4: a must tool for accurate diagnostics.

I was able to read the codes when my other generic reader couldn’t. It also allowed me to run tests as well as analyze more components where I was able to find what’s wrong with the car. Using just the web for repairs is hit and miss since the break occurred with a different component but showed the same warning lights on the dash. That is why I bought the Autel MK908P scanner to pinpoint the exact problem since the web solutions didn’t work for me.

Autel MaxiCOM MK908P 1


Autel MaxiCOM MK908P 2


Autel MaxiCOM MK908P 3


Review 5: Helps figure out the problems on my VW effectively

Since I don’t even know what’s wrong with my car, I have to waste time and spend money just to know the specific trouble. This excellent MK908P can really save me the hassle and make my VW woes much easier to manage. All I have to do is plug it in and it’ll run a diagnostic and tell me what’s wrong with the engine, based on which I can decide what’s the best thing to do. With the guidance of the instrument, I managed to do the oil reset. Reset service mileage and service intervals so as to the next recording cycle can go on smoothly. The larger touch screen shows me all the diagnostic result at the same page so that I can get an intuitive and clear display. Not only this excellent diagnostic tool saves my money, it’ll also make my life easier.


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