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Where to buy GM Tech2 to replace the BCM on 98 Sonoma?

If you are interested in GM Tech2 to replace the BCM on 98 Sonoma and would like to hear anyone's feedback. Here we go.


Been there, done it. I'm happy with my purchase. I keep mine in an old 1980's womens makeup case with multiple layers of 1" foam rubber I got at wallyworld for cheap.

My Tech2 will not give ABS codes if the ABS light is on. Dumb because the ABS light won't go out until you fix the problem. I bought an Innova 3030f from ebay to over come that minor issue. Don't get a 3030 a-e. They don't read ABS. Some less honest sellers will tell you they do. And some think they can get $100 for one. Mine was new for $25.


BCM's are real cheap in junkyards. If they want over $10 go somewhere else. They never sell any. and they work fine. Hint- call it the security module. Most are easy to get out. Just match the part number.


The Dongle thingy is the least of your worries if you intend to do programming, tho. You MUST have windows XP on your laptop. I installed it on my Dell as a second operating system. I tried doing a virtual OS with miserable results. I bought a DVD off ebay for $25 that had every version of XP on it. Since it is no longer supported, I guess it's OK to sell copies now. My Dell E6400 came out just as XP was ending and Vista came out so all the drivers are available from Dell. Anything newer could be an issue. I'm running 7 and XP on it. Don't think I'd try it with 10. Don't trust it to not want to take over the other OS. The E6400 is a fast computer and was one of the most popular business laptops of it's day. And very expensive new. I paid $200 for it.

The Tech2 is designed to work with a serial port. Remember them? You have to keep in mind the Tech2 was introduced about the time Windows 95 and the first GUI and mouse were being added to PC's, but old PC's with serial ports are slugs.

Problem is connecting the Tech2 to a USB port on anything fast. It can be done, but ONLY, I repeat ONLY with a Tripp-Lite USA-19HS serial to USB adapter. It is the only one GM ever approved and the only one that will work. Amazon has them for around $27.


Tech 2 $270, Laptop $200, XP dvd $25, usb adapter $27. You'll be all in for around $525.


Keep in mind this is a high end 2 way scanner. It's not EFI Live or similar. You can't do custom tunes or any of that stuff. But you aren't spending near as much and EFI Live isn't a scanner . If you want to both, you need both.


One more question, if it's the first time that you want to buy GM TECH2 from China.

Look on the Saab forum. They have tons of info on Tech2 clones. When GM and told Saab the had to use more GM parts in their cars Saab stopped making cars and concentrated all their effort on their aircraft production. Since GM had sold Saabs in this country all the owners were left stranded because the dealerships didn't want to service them since they no longer sold them.

A lot of Saab owners then started buying the Tech2 clones so they could do their own maintenance. From what I understand the Saabs we're very dependent on the Tech2 for all kinds of modules that needed programming. Way more so than GM's own vehicles.

I read a lot before ordering mine. Once in a while someone does get burned.

In reality when Bosch bought Vetronix they moved the manufacturing to China. They are still made in the same factories. The Chinese just kept making them after Bosch switched to the MDI and MDI 2.

Difference is Bosch isn't getting the extra $2500 markup. I'm sure the Chinese are also now using cheaper components where they can since Bosch isn't specifying what has to be used. Parts are currently available for them.

The Saab Forum has hundreds of pages of info about the clones. one thread alone is 160 pages:


Here is what I got. The weird thing is they sent the original Bosche Discs but Burned copies of the Software but Burned copies of the Software. The AC/DC adapter is so generic it doesn't even have a UPC code on it. I was actually very surprised by it all and DHL delivered a day early.

BTY, I got GM TECH2 from this shop:

I ordered one during their Chinese New Year Promotion. $239 not incl. shipping cost.













The burned Cd is for the thumb drive. It contains TIS 2000. All the factory ECM programs thru 2007. It's a hack so you don't have to subscribe to GM's online service ($55 for 2 days) to simply update to the latest program for a vehicle.

I found the stickers are a tiny bit too big for the recesses in the housing. You need to trim them before installation if you want it to look like a genuine Vetronix Tech 2.


The long grey line (no not West Point) is to connect to a serial port on antique laptops. That's where the Tripp-Lite USA-19HS adapter comes in. You install the Tripp_Lite on your laptop, connect it to a USB port, connect the serial cable to the TL and the other end to the Tech2. There are 2 ports on the Tech 2 one is for the serial cable and the other is for a self test cable. The real little cable. The 2 ports are not the same even though the look very similar.


Don't you think you get all info you want to know and enhance your confidence to order it.

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