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How To Use Lonsdor New Function:Trial Apply,Push function,Search the car

A lot of new function update of Lonsdor k518ise Key Programmer newest software:

MOST IMPORTAN in the update 10.2018:

1- Updates will no longer remain for free, a payable subscription fee will be implemented within the next 3 months from today, cost details not disclosed yet

2- No more vehicles brand Logos display, due to legal intellectual copyright issues.

3-Renault come back and some new china car brands and some fix bug + vw 3.5 skoda menu etc. you can update and check it

new update change logo

Lonsdor k518ise new cars and functions please check:

How To Use Lonsdor New Function:Trial Apply,Push function,Search the car

1. Click “Trail Apply” to get the latest update.







1. Each device can apply for only one time, once click, counting will start and will lasts for 90 days, then the “Trial apply” menu will disappear.

2. Functions with blue clock will be for free for 3 months, after that time, customer will need to subscribe to use.

3. The rest functions updated this time will be for free for ever.

4. Check the update log for a basic idea of the update content this time. For more details, Lonsdor will update continuously later in flyer, please check the update log later then. Also you can check official website for the detailed car list.


2. New and clearer car logo




3. Search the car by model initials





4. Scan the QR code to get operation reference during programming.

Step 1: Click the red mark to get the QR code



Note: So far, lots of car models have Help reference. Once there is a red mark as shown above, you can scan to get detail operation reference.

Step 2: Scan the code with your phone to get Operation instruction during programming.


5. Push function In case customer need Lonsdor to support certain car model, and we may already have it on our inner test device, though not release on standard K518 yet; Or when Lonsdor developed certain function while can’t find local car to test, if customer can find the local car to test, please contact Lonsdor and we will release the function only to your device for certain time(it depends), as a return for your kind help.







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OBD2Eshop is a good store for GM Tech2 Scanner

This was my order of GM Tech2 Diagnostic Scanner with TIS2000 Software:

Order Date: Aug 26, 2018

Ship to: United States

This is how GM Tech2 looks out of the box:


GM Tech2 Scanner


Turned on:

GM Tech2 Scanner



The following 3 paragraphs are what I mail to OBD2Eshop:

I tested device and it works well. Problem is the screen. I believe for return I would have to send back and pay for shipping. This would take a long time and I have work to do using the tool.

gm tech  2 screen

Right now I am using a laptop connected so I can see the full screen


I would rather do partial refund or try replacing the screen myself.

Will you do a partial refund?

Can you send or help me find a replacement screen?

I have been happy so far with OBD2eShop so far. The price, service and shipping speed was good.

I hope we can reach a positive solution.


Finally, OBD2eShop ship me a new package.

Just want to let you know, I finally took the time to really test out the replacement I was sent and it appears to work perfectly.


One small issue is that I was sent a GM PC Card and not a Saab one. I tried to write the GM Card in my laptop to Saab software but I ended up damaging the card. It was my fault. I know that I could have contacted you for help and you would have taken care of me.


I was able to find another Saab Card and get it working so I am very happy now. I do not need any more help.


Thank you so much for your above and beyond service. I think very highly of your store.

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How to program SUBARU Forester Smart key all keys with K518 / X300?

SUBARU Forester Smart key all keys lost adapting with Lonsdor K518ISEOBDSTAR X300 DP, I80 key programmer.



We all knows SUBARU spare parts is very expensive, all key lost will cost a lot, here we share the SUBARU Forester key

adapting method for all key lost.



SUBARU Smart key all key lost key adaption have two common methods:

  1. Disassemble the SMT Main ECU, Use AD900 programmer to write data into Toyota smart key, it can directly start the car, No need adapting on the car again, but must use AD smart key.
  2. Disassemble the SMT Main ECU, immobilizer(ESL/ELV), Write initialization data, then study the key on the car.

Here we share the second method, SUBARU Forester use 5290 smart key, Year 2013, No immobilizer, disassemble the SMT Main ECU and ELV Write initialization data and study the key.



  1. Get the ELV(below steer column), disassemble the ELV module, find the 8 PIN EEPROMon the circuit board, Model No. : 93c46.

Desoldering the 93c46, use programmer and adapter read the data, make a backup first then change the code shown as below picture.

-keep the Red marked code code the same, others all change to F, When dump revised, use programmer and adapter write back to 93c46 eeprom, and solder back to the circuit board.

  1. Disassemble the SMT Smart ECU(back side of the A column of the car), it’s appearance is the same as Toyota except the LOGO, disassemble the shell find the 8 PIN eeprom near the CPU, EEPROM Model No. : 93C86. Disassemble the 93c86, Write initialization data, assemble back to the car, if without error the dashboard could be light up.
  2. Use Key programmer add new keys directly. Use Lonsdor K518ISE, OBDSTAR X300 DP, or I80 key programmer, connect the car OBD interface, select SUBARU, then XV smart system, direct add new key, all down, after the keys added, no need sync, directly start the car.


Attach Lonsdor K518ISE package





and OBDSTAR X300 DP package