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How to Add SMR-d to Benz C6 DoIP VCI DTS Monaco?

Here's the instruction to add SMR-d and Configure DTS Monaco engineering software for OEM Benz C6 DoIP VCI.

Software HDD should be purchased alone (comes with keygen and DTS Monaco software).


Add DTS Monaco SMR-d operation:

Open DTS System Configurator on desktop, select Interfaces, right click to open new interface 

Manually enter Interface "C6", press Next
Configure Benz C6 VCI as picture below
D-PDU API: Bosch_D-PDU_APO_Bosch_MTS6532
Select CAN I interface link
Enable Benz C6 DoIP as picture below
Choose eCOM CBF (DCDIPartP)
Select Project administrator, create new project
Select modular optimized database  (*.SMR-*)
Add CGW_204.smr-d
Project: CGW_204
Add CGW_204.smr-d success
Enter DTS Monaco software
select CGW_204 project
login project
Now can you flash modules with the DTS Monaco software.

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How to reset cluster on 2009 Benz E350 Gas tank mod

I’m super excited! I just purchase a MB SD Connect C4 system with dell 6410 laptop. Has ssd, 4gb mem, so it should be quicker than a dell630.

I got it because I want to do Gas tank mod reset cluster on my 2009 E350.


Found out how to reset cluster: See below part,  it’s towards the end of the post.

Gas Tank Mod (Gallons) ***Need Developer Mode***

Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-01Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-02Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-03Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-04Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-05Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-06Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-07Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-08

After you hit F3 it will carry on the coding process (hit “F1” to go back)

so we can reset the ECU so coding can take effect.

Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-09Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-012Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-013Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-012



So far I’m loving STAR. I am going to code the car this weekend for Bi-Xenons and then code the card to accept the OEM front LED city lights. I’m doing a e55 bi-xenon retro fit to replace the stock crappy h7 halogen e55 projectors.



MB W220 S55 ESP Variant Coding with Star diagnostic

What is variant coding? And how to do on Mercedes S55 ESP?


Purpose: ESP module variant coding with Star diagnostic


Vehicle:2002 Mercedes w220 s55


Problem: I get a code under ESP module saying C1511-005 Coding Error Variant Coding is incorrect



The variant coding in question is set by using factory data. That factory data is basically what chassis that engine control unit is bolted to. Things like weight of the car, yaw sensor and acceleration sensor parameters, moment arms, etc etc.

Once the engine control unit “learns” its variant coding, it is permanently and irrevocably locked down.


The ESP module reads the variant coding from the ECU. Once read, its ” soft” locked.


Your trouble code suggests that the ESP module has a variant coding that differs from that of the ECU.


Is this a recent occurrence? Did you perhaps have an third party ECU tune performed? Was the ESP module replaced ? Is the trouble code stored or current ?


Using STAR you can go into the ESP and check the currency of the error code and determine if it was 9 years ago or last Tuesday. If it was a long ago and a stored code, I would clear it and move on. If it is current, you can force a variant locking reset of the ESP module in STAR diagnostic and see if the code returns. If the trouble code returns, that would make it a current and ongoing error. If that turns out to be the case then perhaps the ESP module has gone “breasts skyward”.


Look here:


in STAR diagnostic

go to the ESP module under CONTROL UNITS



Fault Codes

Select C1511-005

1. to the right it should say CURRENT or STORED

hit F8

It should show you how many time the car has ben started after the code was detected. “0” means the fault is CURRENT, any number greater than 0 the fault should be STORED and past history. The ( obviously ) higher the number of start cycles the longer ago it was.

2. Double click C1511-005

Read the pre conditions

hit F3

read the sequence and follow it to (hopefully) force a variant coding re-read/write.

It would seem that the ESP reads the ECU on every start up. Having a bad TCU MAY be contributing to the ECU variant coding being off kilter. I would think there would be some P2000-P2564 series codes displayed for that though.



The most important note: When you get into adaptation it shows 000000 zeros on the vin number section and ask you to enter vin to match it. tried but no success.


How to solve:


Bear in mind I am using Xentry-Sim.

Paramaeters: specified US D2B version 220.175

Control Units


Transmission: selected 722.6 as of 2001

Control Unit Adaptations

First stab in the dark, try F7 ( Perform Synchronization ) In other words.. ” go fetch me the VIN from the ECU ”

If that is successful ( something other than 0’s displayed) , then F5 ( confirmation of the VIN ).

If not successful, try entering VIN as it appears normally, then F5

If that doesn’t work try entering as internal FIN, 2201751Axxxxxx where xxxxxx is your chassis serial from Normal VIN. Then F5.

If none of that works…It maybe time for some of that professional help mentioned earlier up the thread.

Try that and see what happens


I have no training as a MB mech/tech and offer this as just a possible direction to proceed in. The ( very ) highly paid professionals at the Dollarship or the ( not so ) highly paid folks at a good independent shop should/would have the final say.


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