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BMW CAS Key programmer vvdi prog cheap alternative

Looking for BMW key programmer for cas1-3+, and better can be done from obd and dump for cas reading dumps. VVDI Pro and VVDI2 is sure to work, but a bit pricy, any alternative?


vvdi prog cheap alternatives:


extremely fast for cas1, 2 & 3

for cas3+ if need downgrade 10 minutes and seems safe.

make sure you have proper power on the car

cas4 F10 – ok (new key)

cas4+ F10 – ok (new key) isn from org key or dump DME

fem/bdc F31 – ok – reset mileage, change isn, change vin, make keys with oryginal key and with dump from DDE

cas3+ E60- ok , downgrade and make key with isn from org key

Did a 2008 E60 CAS3+ had to DOWNGRADE it took about 10min and programmed key successfully

Cas4 can only be done by reading DFlash from Freescale cpu then load into programmer software and generate key. It can no ne done by obd.

You need xprog or vvdi prog to read the dflash.


  1. BMW Multi tool

I use multi tool to downgrade the CAS on table by CAS plug and 12V, then i make key, downgrade process takes 30 min, making key takes 1 minutes the whole job is 31 min without opening the CAS.


I can do CAS4 all key lost as well with Multi tool, but u need the help of a DME, 10000% Success, job done on table, ADD key by OBD. I m using Dialprog, done 1 all key lost and 3 add key , not a lot of testing but so far so good.


  1. Autohex2

It is a indisputable fact.


  1. Lonsdor K518ISE

A multi brand key maker which can update cas latest by obd.

Work for me too… Add e91 cas3+ my07, cas2 e91 my06.

e90 2007 Europe car 868Mhz by obd ok


  1. VVDI2 BMW cas3 price 1100, bmw explorer + hitag =2100 eur and new AH4 lite version 1950 eur. I think better to add 1000 and buy good tool.


Therefore, it seems that no alternatives, you can go with vvdi prog + VVDI2.


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VVDI2+VVDI Prog Makes Keys to BMW X3 2004 EWS4

Here, you will learn how to program a new X3 2004 key and do eeprom job with Xhorse vvdi (VVDI2 and VVDI-Prog)


Q: Can i make a x series key with the vvdi2 and how? (it’s x3 2004)

A: Yes …it is ews4 (eeprom job )


Q: Taking the ecu out?

A: Not the ecu …taking immo box out …its a white box under the steering wheel same size as a pack of cigs.


Q: Do i need any adapter for that?

A: you just need open vvdi prog ,select ews4 and will show you the connections….solder it and you are good to read it


Q: And does it give you a key code like the cas’s

A: no , is it your first isn’t it?


Q: yes it is. Is this what i need?

A: thats not for ews4…VVDI prog have its own EWS4 adapter, so does the AK90

I mean there is ews4 incircuit connect by vvdi prog. Look here:


Q: how is the procedure

A: Put the ESW4 module in the adapter and lock it


To solder