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Xhorse VVDI2 Update To V6.0.0 Software Download

VVDI2 version 6.0.0 (Oct,26th,2018) is able to copy H chip (128 bit) to Toyota Corolla, Camry, Levin

Free download in mega:!v1pxwaiS!C-Aca7FLsGrkxe9DFk1PdvdANPhIL4...

VVDI2 version 6.0.0 in details:


*** 2018-10-26

*** Require firmware V6.0.0


===== VAG V6.0.0 =====

1. Immoprovement for autodetect VAG immobilizer system

2. Bugfix

===== BMW V6.0.0 =====

1. FEM/BDC system add support new verison: BDC 00002419_080_010_010

2. Bugfix

===== Porsche V6.0.0 =====

1. Bugfix

===== PSA V6.0.0 =====

1. Bugfix

===== Transponder Programmer V6.0.0 =====

1. Special Transponder - Support generate Toyota H transponder(128bit):

a. Toyota H transponder - Camry, Levin

b. Toyota H transponder - Corolla (First in the world!!!)

2. Support autodetect and read TIRIS DST AES(8A) transponder

3. Points System: Bugfix for verify remote bonus points function

4. Immobilizer data tool: TONGZHI immobilizer box support new type

5. Bugfix for copy chip 11 and 12.

6. Bugfix

===== Copy 48 (96 bits) V6.0.0 =====

1. Bugfix

===== J2534 V6.0.0 =====

1. Bugfix

===== Online Upate Tool V6.0.0 =====

1. Bugfix

===== Quick Start V6.0.0 =====

1. Bugfix

Xhorse VVDI2



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VVDI2 Free MQB activation(VV-05) for all user who have VVDI2 Full

Since today, Xhorse team can enable free MQB activation (VV-05) for all user who have VVDI2 Full (VV-01)VAG 4th immobilizer YES ; (VV-02)VAG 5th immobilizer YES ; (VB-01)BMW OBD YES ; (VB-02)BMW CAS4 YES )


1. Please offer the dealer with VVDI2 serial number, your name, email address, country etc.

2. Done…. please update the FW and check.

3. Time: It will be done soon, but also depends on the time difference.

Contact info: Skype: Whats app:+8618054815707

Question:So to get free mqb need to have or buy 96bit copy licence?

Answer: Till yesterday – Yes, from today you just need activations what I listed on the top.

you can buy COPy 48 and get free MQB, but if you no need COPY 48, you can request free MQB

MQB NEC35xx immoblizer/KM function supported cars:

Audi A3/S3 2014+

Audi Q2

VW Golf7

VW Polo(MQB)

VW Tiguan II

VW Touran II

VW crafter 2017+

VW Passat B8 without virtual cockpit

Skoda Octavia III 2014.07+

Skoda Rapid 2015.06+

Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Superb III

Seat Ibiza/Ateca/Toledo 2015.06+

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