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How to use VVDI PROG programmer read BMW ECU ISN

"Where in DIS or INPA can I find the ISN number. When going to the coding screen on INPA it doesnt show it there, so i'm assuming it may be somewhere else or attainable from another program. "


This post maybe could help u

VVDI PROG programmer read BMW ECU step-by-step here.






Part 1: Open VVDI PROG, select and check wiring diagram

Open VVDI PROG software.

Select type: 3-ECU  Brand: BMW_F_ENGINE  Device: MEVD172(N20)

Click “Wiring Diagram”

Wiring Diagram is open, it prompts NO.2 connector.



This is NO.2 connector



Pull down the wiring diagram.

Attention: the left corner is NO.33 pin, and the right corner has pin, follow its pin number and order to connect the cable.



This is real BMW ECU




You see all of pin serial numbers at the four corners.




Part 2: connect the cable to VVDI-PROG

Start to connect the cable to VVDI PRO



Firstly, connect power cable, the red is power cable



There are 2 power cables, one is No.1 pin, one is NO.22 pin.



Next, connect GND cable, it is NO.10 pin.



Next, connect CANH cable and CANL cable, CANH is blue color, CANL is yellow color.

Finally, this group of cables is all connected well.



Part 3: connect BOOT Line.

This is Boot Pin.



Open a hole on Engine ECU and find out the pin position by following the wiring diagram, then use Boot line to point at this pin and to read data.



Check whether all the cables are connected well to VVDIprog , PS: VVDIprog needs to connect an external power adapter, because it reads Engine ECU.

Part 4: Read out BMW Engine ECU data

Close wiring diagram on VVDI Prog

Click “New Create”

Click “Read”

Wait until the data is read out successfully.

Save data.

Finally, BMW Engine ECU data is read out.

Important note:

If BMW CAS4+ all key lost, firstly read CAS data then Engine ECU data, when get message it needs ISN code, load Engine ECU EP data, then you can generate dealer key.



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