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CGDI Prog BMW all key lost For CAS3+/ CAS4+

CGDI prog BMW MSV80 is a good car key programmer for BMW. It supports key programming for BMW cas1/cas2/cas3, and supports key matching and all key lost for cas4 /cas 4+. Here have collected two test reports on CAS3+ and CAS4+ below.



To check if CGDI Prog BMW can program new key to CAS3+/ CAS4+ or not




Test 1: CGDI BMW add new key to CAS3+ all keys lost- OK

cgdi-prog-bmw-add-new- key-to-cas3+-all-keys-lost-11

Note: It’s more convenient to work with the cables (DIY by professional technician), no need to dismantle or drill.


Step 1: Click “Read DME ISN” or select the corresponding ECU to read

cgdi-prog-bmw-add-new- key-to-cas3+-all-keys-lost-2



Step 2: Read CAS key info by CGDI prog

Get ISN code and save

cgdi-prog-bmw-add-new3- key-to-cas3+-all-keys-lost-


cgdi-prog-bmw-add-new- key-to-cas3+-all-keys-lost-4


cgdi-prog-bmw-add-new- key-to-cas3+-all-keys-lost-5


Note: Need to downgrade to CAS3


Step 3: Plug the blank into CGDI prog BMW coil

cgdi-prog-bmw-add-new- key-to-cas3+-all-keys-lost-6


Confirm the key is smart key or not

Wait to program the key process completing


Program key success

cgdi-prog-bmw-add-new- key-to-cas3+-all-keys-lost-7



Step 4: Use the new key programmed to test

cgdi-prog-bmw-add-new- key-to-cas3+-all-keys-lost-8



Test 2: CGDI BMW MSV80 add new key to CAS4+ all keys lost- OK

Step 1: Read CAS4+ Immobilizer data by CG PRO 9S12








Note: Don’t forget to make backup before operation.


Step 2: Read engine ECU data with CG-100





Step 3: Program new key by CGDI BMW MSV80









Step 4: Put the new key to learn on BMW car and test it




Result: All success!

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer can add new key to CAS3+/ CAS4+ AKL.

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